WWE SmackDown Results (10/25): Kansas City, MO

The October 25th, 2019 edition of WWE SmackDown took place at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO. This week’s episode aired on FS1 instead of FOX due to Major League Baseball.



– A pyro display goes off from the SmackDown stage as this week’s broadcast starts.

– The Miz is in the ring to host Miz TV to start the show. He’s joined by Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and members of their respective teams for the Saudi Arabia pay-per-view. Jimmy Hart is in the ring too, on Hogan’s side of course. Hogan and Flair exchange promos on the mic, and Hogan tells Flair to “check the history books dude, because you never beat me.” Hogan says how can he lose when he has Short G on his team, not to mention Ali, Rusev, and Roman Reigns. Sami Zayn speaks up and interrupts, and he starts making height jokes about Shorty G. Shorty G and Ali both fires back at Sami, and Ali points out that Sami doesn’t even compete anymore, he’s just a “mouthpiece.” Corbin starts trashing them now, and saying that he is the king now and Roman Reigns’ time has passed. Reigns says that Corbin looks stupid and sounds stupid, and Reigns wants to punch him in the face. Gable tells Corbin they can do this right now. Hogan tells them to hang on a minute. Hogan asks if the fans in Kansas City want to see a preview of their match at the pay per view. The crowd pops and it looks like they’re ready for a match, but Sami Zayn interrupts and says that won’t happen, and they are going to go think about it. They start leaving the ring, then Hulk tells them to hold on. Hulk proposes that in the main event tonight, Roman Reigns, Shorty G & Ali face off against Corbin, Nakamura, and Zayn. Hogan takes some shots and makes fun of Nakamura and Zayn. Zayn agrees, but says he can’t compete tonight, so he’s going to give someone else his spot. Zayn introduces his replacement, Cesaro. Cesaro starts running up to the ring, but Reigns rolls out and intercepts him, then they start brawling all over ringside. Shorty G comes flying off the apron with a dive on Nakamura, then Ali hits a dive on Corbin. The heels back up the ramp, and “Real American” plays as Hogan and his team members stand tall in the ring.

– Still to come: Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez come face to face.

– Kofi Kingston and Big E are shown backstage, with Xavier Woods on Facetime on an iPad. They’re getting ready to come out for their tag match.

Kofi Kingston & Big E vs. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode Kofi and Dolph start off trading strikes. Dolph misses a shot in the corner and he eats a kick from Ziggler. Kofi goes up top, but Roode knocks him down. Dolph runs over and superkicks Kofi to the outside floor now. Back from the commercial break, Big E hits a series of suplexes on Dolph, and then he knocks Roode off the apron. Ziggler goes out to ringside too, then Kofi tags in and hits a suicide dive on Ziggler. The B Team is shown backstage watching on a monitor. Roode runs back in the ring and hits a spinebuster on Big E, and then Kofi (still the legal man) runs in and dumps Roode outside. Ziggler runs in behind Kofi now and rolls him up from behind for the three count.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

– After the match, The Revival comes out and they attack Kofi and Big E. Roode and Ziggler join in on the brawl now. Heavy Machinery comes out to even the odds, and Heavy Machinery and The New Day team up to clear the ring. The Lucha House Party is shown backstage watching on a TV.

– Rey Mysterio is shown backstage talking to his son Dominic, and former UFC Champion Cain Velasquez.

– Michael Cole sends us to a video package looking at the feud between Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury, including footage of them getting into it at the WWE Performance Center.

– Lacey Evans comes out to the ring for a match with an enhancement talent, but she gets on the mic first. She tells the jobber she knows she’s scared, so she’s going to do her a favor and leave. Plus, she says these people don’t deserve to see her compete.

Lacey Evans vs. Cameron Connors: The opening bell sounds, and Lacey gets out of the ring and starts walking away. At the ref’s 8 count, Lacey runs back in the ring and attacks the jobber. Lacey hits the Woman’s Right for the three count.

Winner: Lacey Evans

– Michael Cole interviews Nikki Cross via video now. Nikki talks about Bayley’s attitude change briefly, but tonight she’s focused on her match with Mandy Rose. She says Mandy is beautiful, but this isn’t a pageant, it’s Friday Night SmackDown.

– Up next: The Firefly Fun House returns.

– Back from the break, it’s time for Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House. He’s standing in a front of a new blain blue wall, with some pictures on it. Bray is holding a funeral for his rabbit puppet, who he says died in Seth Rollins’ attack. Bray and the puppets share some words about the rabbit, and then Bray takes the rabbit puppet out of it’s casket and hugs it. Some special effects wipe across the screen, and the rabbit puppet comes back to life. Bray is excited, and talks about believing in the power of — but Bray gets cut off by his buzzard puppet eating the rabbit puppet. Bray tells us we’re out of time, and the Firefly Fun House segment wraps up.

Kalisto vs. Drew Gulak: We see a pre-taped promo from the Lucha House Party before the match. The opening bell sounds, but Drew steps out between the ropes and grabs a mic. Drew introduces himself as a former Cruiserweight Champion. He says he still has a powerpoint presentation from last week to finish, and he points up to the big screen. Drew starts reading off the screen, and calling for more slides to be shown. Kalisto has heard enough, and he dropkicks Gulak down. Kalisto hits a series of strikes, and a headscissor takedown. More kicks and right hands from Kalisto now, but then he misses a shot and Gulak drops him with an Alabama Slam. Gulak takes control of the match now, but then Braun Strowman’s music hits and Braun walks down to ringside. The distraction leads to Kalisto hitting the Salida Del Sol for the three count.

Winner: Kalisto

– After the match, Braun gets in the ring and picks up Drew by the hair. Braun hits the running powerslam on Gulak, then he grabs a mic. The crowd chants for one more slam, so Braun picks Drew up and gives him another. Braun gets on the mic again and says this is what happens when you disrespect him. Braun says at least Drew deserves to be in this ring, unlike Tyson. At Crown Jewel, Braun says he’s going to send Tyson back to where he belongs.

– Daniel Bryan is shown walking through the backstage area. He’s getting ready for an interview with Michael Cole.

– Back from the break, Michael Cole is in the ring, and he introduces his guest Daniel Bryan. Bryan steps in the ring, and Cole asks him about the fans bringing back the “Yes” chants for him. Cole asks Bryan if the “Yes Movement” is back or not. The crowd chants “Yes” again, but before Bryan can answer, Sami Zayn and Shinsuka Nakamura interrupt. Cole leaves. Sami steps into the ring with Nakamura, and he shows a clip on the big screen of Bryan talking about the Yes Movement being dead. Sami tells Bryan that he would be moving backwards by bringing back the Yes Movement. Instead, Sami says Bryan should move forward, and join him and Nakamura. Sami says that by joining forces, they could take Bryan’s career to a whole new level. Sami asks Bryan if he wants to move backwards with the fans, or move forwards with Sami and Nakamura. Sami extends his hand, but Bryan doesn’t shake it. Bryan walks past Sami and Nakamura, and leaves the ring.

– Hulk Hogan is shown backstage discussing strategy with Roman Reigns, Shorty G, Ali, and Jimmy Hart.

Mandy Rose vs. Nikki Cross: Women’s Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks are at ringside on commentary, and Sonya is at ringside in Mandy’s corner. Mandy starts off strong in this one, and she throws Nikki across the ring. Mandy controls the opening moments of this one, and she sends Nikki out to ringside after a fallaway slam. Sonya Deville hits a cheap shot on Nikki at ringside. Back in the ring, Mandy continues the offense until Nikki fires back with an elbow to the face. Nikki starts mounting a comeback now, and she hits a splash in the corner followed up by a running bulldog. Nikki goes up top and hits a flying cross body on Mandy for a two count. Nikki gets distracted by Sony, and Mandy tries to capitalize but she misses. Nikki fires back with the swinging neckbreaker for the three count.

Winner: Nikki Cross

– Ric Flair is shown backstage with his team for tonight’s match. Flair cuts a promo and gets them hyped up for tonight’s match.

– Rey Mysterio and Cain Velasquez are shown backstage getting ready to come out to the ring.

– Back from the break, we see footage of the two big Roman Reigns and Undertaker floats in the parade in Saudi Arabia recently.

– Rey Mysterio and Cain Velasquez come out to the ring next, and Rey gets on the mic. Rey talks about the night that Brock Lesnar attacked Dominic, and he thinks all of the fans for their support during Dominic’s recovery. Rey says no one, not even Brock, will interfere with Dominic’s dream of becoming a WWE Superstar. Rey says Brock has been doing anything he wants in WWE for too long, and now it’s time for Brock to pay for what he did to Rey’s son. Rey says next Thursday at Crown Jewel, his family Cain Velasquez is going to drop Brock again. Rey calls out Brock to come out to the ring now. Lesnar and Paul Heyman appear on the big screen. Heyman questions if they really want to come face to face this close to Crown Jewel. Heyman says that Brock has other things to do tonight than go face to face with Cain Velasquez. Heyman tells them to guess what Brock has been doing tonight instead of going face to face with Cain. Brock picks up Dominic from the floor by the head, and it looks like Dominic is unconscious. Rey and Cain see this on the big screen, and they immediately leave the ring and head to the back.

– Back from the commercial break, we see Rey and Cain checking on Dominic, who is now in the trainer’s office laying on the table. Brock runs in and ambushes them from behind with a trash can. He nails Cain with the trash can on the head first, then Rey jumps up on Brock’s back. Brock throws Rey on to another table, and then Brock gives Cain an F-5 on top of Dominic on the trainer’s examination table. Cain and Dominic both fall to the floor as Brock leaves.

– Ric Flair comes out first to bring out his team for tonight’s main event. Hulk Hogan (with Jimmy Hart) comes out next to lead his team to the ring.

Baron Corbin, Cesaro and Shinsuka Nakamura vs. Ali, Roman Reigns and Shorty G: Ric Flair, Sami Zayn, and Hulk Hogan are all at ringside. Reigns gets a fireworks display for his entrance. The opening bell sounds and all six men brawl out to ringside immediately. Corbin and Reigns get back in the ring and the others go on the aprons. Reigns and Corbin trade shots in the corner, until Reigns takes him down with a Samoan Drop for a two count. Nakamura tags in, and Reigns drops him with a right hand. Reigns runs around the ring now and hits the Drive By kick on Corbin. Reigns takes Nakamura into his corner and tags in Shorty G, who continues the offense on Nakamura. Gable and Nakamura trade a series of holds and reversals on the mat. Ali tags in and hits a dropkick on Nakamura. Nakamura fires back with a kick of his own on Ali, then Cesaro tags in. Cesaro brings the fight to Ali, but Ali sends him down with a hurricanrana. Cesaro fights back with a gut-wrench suplex. Ali fires back with a kick and a rolling facebuster, then he pins but Sami breaks it up. Cesaro knocks Ali out to ringside, then Corbin tags in and beats down Ali on the floor. Back in the ring, Nakamura tags back in and puts the boots to Ali. Cesaro tags in and starts trading shots with Ali now. Ali looks for a tornado DDT, but Cesaro blocks it and throws Ali down. Ali leaps back up and finally hits his tornado DDT. Reigns wants the hot tag, but Corbin runs around the ring and pulls Corbin down, then slams him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Corbin tags back in. Corbin grabs Ali by the leg, but Ali kicks him away. Shorty G gets the hot tag and hits a flying cross body off the top on Corbin, then he clears the opposing apron. Shorty hits a series of strikes on Corbin, and then a t-bone suplex on Nakamura. Shorty hits a rolling kick on Corbin, and then a swinging neckbreaker. Shorty goes up top and hits a moonsault for a two count. Cesaro runs in, and Shorty sends him out of the ring with a belly to belly overhead suplex. Shorty puts Corbin in the ankle lock now, but Nakamura breaks it up with a knee to Shorty G’s face. Corbin starts beating on Shorty G in the corner now, then Nakamura tags in for the double team. Shorty G fights off the double team attempt and he hits a double missile dropkick on both Corbin and Nakamura. Reigns gets the tag and cleans house now. Cesaro tags in and Reigns rolls him up, which leads to Reigns hitting a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Reigns misses a Superman Punch attempt, then Cesaro swings him. Cesaro applies the Sharpshooter, but Ali runs in and superkicks him to break it up. Corbin runs in and hits the Deep Six on Ali. Shorty G dropkicks Corbin out to ringside, then Nakamura runs in and suplexes Shorty. Reigns hits the Superman Punch on Nakamura. Reigns now focuses on the legal man – Cesaro. Reigns looks for a spear, but Reigns counters with a boot to the face. Cesaro follows up with a European Uppercut for a two count. Cesaro misses a Neutralizer attempt, and Reigns answers with a Superman Punch. Reigns follows up with the Spear. Instead of pinning, Reigns tags in Ali, then Reigns knocks Corbin off the apron. Ali hits the 450 Splash on Corbin for the three count.

Winners: Roman Reigns, Ali & Shorty G

– After the match, Hogan and Jimmy get in the ring to celebrate with the winners as SmackDown goes off the air.

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