WWE Smackdown Rumored TNT Move Leaks?

Could WWE Smackdown be moving to TNT? TNT and Turner broadcasting has long been known as a hub for professional wrestling with their networks being the long-term home of World Championship Wrestling and now All Elite Wrestling. However, due to TNT being the ‘rival’ network, WWE has never aired on any Turner properties and in the past the very thought of WWE Monday Night Raw airing on TNT, TBS or otherwise would have been seen as unfathomable. WWE recently ‘removed’ this top star from WWE Smackdown.



However, this could potentially change in the near future. as noted wrestling journalist and editor of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter indicated that WWE programming such as WWE Smackdown could potentially have a home on Turner after WWE’s current deal with FOX ends. Meltzer cited how Turner no longer views wrestling as much of a risk in regards to programming as they did in the past.

Dave Meltzer wrote in Wrestling Observer Newsletter, “I doubt FOX will have interest in Raw at this point with the Peacock deal in place, and who knows about Smackdown when the current deal is up. So the key to a WWE increase would be to get ESPN or Turner interested. Would Turner be interested when they already have a wrestling property they created? Turner has never in the past shown any interest in WWE, but it’s clearly no longer averse to pro wrestling as it had been since canceling the programming in 2001.” WWE called this diva ‘overweight’ on Smackdown.

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