WWE SmackDown Star Was Rehired By Accident

Staff problems exist, even in the biggest companies on earth. But imagine if you were accidentally rehired by a company that couldn’t stand your guts. Well, the proverbial madhouse that is WWE recently took the walk of shame, as far as lack of scrutiny and professionalism are concerned. But who was the poor unfortunate soul that was subjected to humiliation…

According to Wrestling News, former WWE star Jimmy Wang Yang, whom I have never personally heard of, talked to Steve Fall’s Ten Count, about a rather unfortunate and humiliating situation he was involved with. Yang told the story about how the former WWE chairman, Vince McMahon, forgot that he had fired him.

“That’s the impression I got when he rehired me because like, this is a crazy story. I was just trying to get laid one night and there was a pay-per-view close by and this girl I was trying to get tickets and do the whole thing. This is after I got fired. The chick was really hot. You know, they’re close by, get awesome tickets and everything, and when I showed up, you know, me and Vince crossed paths and he’s like, ‘Jimmy. Where the hell have you been?’ I was like, ‘You fired me.’ He said, ‘What? I did.’ It got busy. He said I will come back and talk to you and then the day’s going by.”

Yang said that he was asked if he could demonstrate a move through a table with the Spirit Squad for Shawn Michaels, who initially did not want to do the move.

“Shawn Michaels was wrestling against The Spirit Squad. The spot that they did was Shawn Michaels when The Spirit Squad came out there, lifted him up, went through the table, Shawn was like, ‘I’m not sure if I want to do that.’ They said, ‘Oh, well, let’s do it to make him feel comfortable doing it.’ I was sitting at catering texting this hot chick, like, ‘Hey, I got tickets or whatever.’ They came running to me and they said, ‘Jimmy, Jimmy, what are you doing?’ I said, ‘I’m eating in catering.’ They said, ‘Can we use you real quick?’ I was like, ‘Sure.’ I go to the ring, and the Spirit Squad, Shawn Michaels, Vince, and Michael P.S. Hayes was there. They said, ‘Jimmy, do you mind if we just throw you up and put you through this table?’ I’m like, ‘Okay.’ So I’m getting ready. I get in the ring and then Michael Hayes tells Vince, ‘Hey Vince, do think Jimmy should do it? He’s not under contract.’ He said, ‘He should be under contract. Let him do it.’ They threw me up 20 feet in the air, went through the table, and Shawn asked me how it felt. I said, ‘It wasn’t too bad.’ Then he did that spot.”

You can listen to the entire story (if you really want to) by clicking below:




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