WWE SmackDown/ECW Live Results – July 19th, 2009

WWE SmackDown/ECW Live Event Results
July 19th, 2009 – Greenville, SC
Report by F4Wonline, Ryan Burton



Show started with Fit Finlay over Drew McIntyre in a little over 7 minutes…entertaining matchup, Drew is very acceptable in the ring and on the mic…Couple of miscues but otherwise a good match to get the predominately under 10 year old crowd into things.

In Divas tag action, Melina and Eve Torres defeated Katie Lea and Natalya. Katie Lea was the weakest performer in the contest and maybe on the show, with many obviously blown spots that caused a few boos from the crowd. Entertaining enough match, that went over 10 minutes.

Next was Dolph Ziggler over John Morrison, in roughly 10 minutes also. Both were over fairly well, each had a great amount of heat. Ziggler is leaps and bounds better than I expected…fantastic music and is a bumping machine, very reminiscent of Curt Henning (while ironically looking like Jeff Jarrett in the process)

Cryme Tyme Defeated The Hart Dynasty in a really good tag team match. Both teams show great chemistry, and Cryme Tyme are very entertaining…JTG stayed on the outside playing Robert Gibson for most of the match, and does a great job of keeping the crowd into things.

The Great Khali over Kane by DQ in a match as bad as expected. Khali went for a clothesline over the top about 2 minutes early and Kane had no idea how to properly sell it. The less said the better.


Tommy Dreamer over Christian and William Regal. Regal is a great, old school heel playing perfectly with the crowd. Entertaining three way encounter, Dreamer stayed on the outside primarily until hitting the DDT on Regal for the victory. Afterward, in a true touch of class, brought a young fan with a “Dreamer is Hardcore Personified” sign into the ring, let him wear the built, gave him his shirt, and posed with him and the belt for his family to take pictures. This was my first house show in many years and WWE does a better job than the last time I came around with crowd participation.

Ricky the Dragon Steamboat (my all time favorite and highlight of my night) over Chris Jericho in roughly 15 minutes. Jericho berated the crowd and a fan literally ran down the walkway and tried jumping into the ring but got hung up on the bottom rope. Had he not he would have gotten a good shot at Jericho as Event Staff watched him the entire time (The same event staff that wouldnt let the 6 year old in the 4th row next to me go up to the rail to shake Jeff Hardys hand) The Dragon came out in his red robe and headband and i felt like I was 6 years old again. Surreal, great moment that I did not expect whatsoever. Less surprising, the two had a GREAT back and forth encounter, multiple armdrags and nearfalls (Dragon even managed to skin the cat, do a modified plancha over the top, and do various other top rope moves) Match of the night by far.

CM Punk over Jeff Hardy in an Extreme Rules match for the Title Good back and forth action, Jeff took a bump to the top rope from a ladder that was unexpected. Punk played tweener towards the beginning but heeled it up in the end, taunting Jeff afterward telling him to consider the Straight Edge way of life.

Biggest Face reactions:
1) Jeff Hardy
2) John Morrison
3) Cryme Tyme
4) Finlay
5) Ricky the Dragon Steamboat

Biggest Heel reactions:
1) Chris Jericho
2) Dolph Ziggler
3) William Regal
4) Hart Dynasty
5) Natalya

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