WWE SD/ECW Live Results – July 31st, 2009

WWE SmackDown and ECW Live Results
July 31st, 2009 – Hampton Beach, MA
Report by F4Wonline, Ed Simpson



1. Cryme Tyme beat The Hart Dynasty

2. Drew McIntyre beat Jimmy Wang Yang

3. Goldust beat Paul Birchill

4. Michelle McCool vs Eve Torres was ruled a No Contest- McCool appeared to be legitmitely injured. she took a bump on the floor an didnt get up. no X sign. Eve got back in the ring Howard Finkle announced it was a no contest. 2 local paramedics looked at her and then helped her to the back she managed to hold up the belt as she was going to the back

5. Christian beat Tommy Dreamer- both worked as faces and shook hands before and after the match

6. John Morrison beat CM Punk- Best match of the show

7. Rey Misterio beat Dolph Ziggler- Maria walked to the ring with Dolph and then went to the back before Misterio came out

8. Khali beat Kane by DQ- Khali went for the chokeslam Kane kicked him low & the ref DQ’d Kane, it was a horrible way to end the show it should have ended with Misterio celebrating with the fans. Kane brought in a chair after the match but Khali got it and hit him with it

Overall an average show

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