WWE sources expect Hardy Boys return, details on potential stumbling block

On yesterday’s report that Matt and Jeff Hardy are in negotiations to return to WWEPWInsider has added some further detail to those talks.



Firstly, the well publicised ownership of the characters and concepts involved with the Matt Hardy “broken” angle are currently in dispute with the new owners of Impact Wrestling, however that storyline could play back out in WWE if called for. On their return generally, WWE sources believe it’s a case of “when” and not “if” the former tag-team Champions will return.

Although that seems a formality at this point, the significant issue playing out between the Hardys and WWE at the moment is around scheduling with the brothers reluctant to work full-time at this point in their lives and professional careers. There is nothing to confirm that WWE is mandating that request, and it may be more of a discussion around the number of dates and financials.

Excited guys? We would live to hear your fantasy booking ideas on bringing back the Hardys in the comments section below.

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