WWE Spoil Bray Wyatt Return In SmackDown Video?

WWE played a ‘White Rabbit’ theme song during WWE SmackDown with a dimmed light. It gave the fans a hint of what’s about to come in the company. While some linked it to Bray Wyatt and his white rabbit, some others called it the theme song for Karrion Kross whose nickname is White Rabbit.



WWE didn’t want to give anything away, so it kept the fans puzzled by playing a theme song that could go in any direction. The fans had their phones out with the flashlights giving us a feeling of the Bray Wyatt theme song where he would enter and a song would be played in the background with the flashlights on.

Now, the WWE Universe is puzzled if this is a direct sign of Wyatt returning to the company or something else in particular. WWE Universe knows that things have changed since Vince went away from his duties as the creative head. Hunter is not going to give anything away so soon to anyone at any time.

WWE knows that it can’t give the grapevine anything substantial or else the cat would be out of the bag. It wants to keep things under the wraps and so if tit includes playing a theme song that would give them different assumptions or new theories then that is a great idea.

WWE would have to keep it secret just like they did it back in the day when AJ Styles returned to the WWE. We aren’t calling Cody Rhodes’ return a secret because the world knew that he was coming back to the WWE. Will it happen that the WWE swerves the fans instead?


What do you think will happen? Sound off in the comments.

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