WWE Stalker Threatens Scarlett During NXT

The Alexa Bliss stalker, who Twitter have failed to ban, is now going after NXT wrestler Scarlett Bordeaux.



“Hey Alexa bliss, I’m back from my hiatus. I will tell everyone more in 30 minutes. I love you Alexa Bliss!”

“Hey everyone I was restricted from twitter for 12 hours. I will try to be more subtle with my tweets. You guys have the wrong guy and you will never find me.” We have censored the rest of Little’s tweet.

He then made a tweet about Scarlett and referenced her character, and said he wanted a ‘smoke show’ with her and Alexa.

“I keep hearing people claim that I’m looking for attention. No, I’m not.” He then claimed it was dangerous and wrong that he was ‘doxxed’ but that they got it wrong.

He later said he would take a break to watch NXT and AEW Dynamite, “I’m going to take a break for a while I will be back at 7:00 p.m. let’s enjoy Wednesday night wrestling civil conversation, even if it is shit you’ll still watch it anyways.”

Twitter users can report AlbertLittle66 on Twitter.

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