WWE Star Accused Of Being Racist To Big E

Ridge Holland has hit back at fans accusing him of being racist for injuring Big E in a new tweet.



Holland tweeted, “Death threats. Threats to my family. Lobbying for me to lose my job. Being labeled as racist. Great stuff 👍🏻 keep ‘em coming.”


Jake Roberts has revealed that he once went against Vince McMahon’s orders and deviated from the planned script during his feud with Rick Rude in WWE. In 1988, Rude had made advances towards Roberts’ real-life spouse, Cheryl Hagood, and had unveiled a pair of tights with her image on his crotch.

Despite cautioning Rude previously not to wear those tights, Roberts charged into the ring and ripped them off. McMahon instructed Roberts not to interfere and let the show go on as planned, but Roberts felt strongly that he had to defend his wife’s honor and disobeyed McMahon’s orders. Roberts said that he had a conversation with Rude before the show, where Rude showed off his new tights with Cheryl’s image on them.

Roberts immediately objected, telling Rude that he cannot wear them because it was disrespectful to his wife. Rude insisted on wearing them, but Roberts warned him that he would rip them off if he did, which is what happened.

“We did the thing up there where he came to the show and asked Vince ‘what do you think about these new tights I’ve got?’ And of course it had Cheryl on his… When I walked up and seen that sh*t I said, ‘you’re not wearing that f*cking sh*t out there.’ [Rude said] ‘Why not?’ [Roberts replied] ‘This is my f*cking wife man.’ He goes, ‘I will wear them.’ I said, ‘if you wear them out there, I’m gonna hit the f*cking ring and rip them off of you. [That’s what you did] You’re f*cking right.

Vince argued with me as, ‘why do you feel so strongly about that?’ I said, ‘Vince, if I don’t go out there I’m a f*cking douchbag.’ You know, and he didn’t understand that. ‘F*ck that Vince, you’re not talking me out of it. As soon as he gets in the ring I’m going out.’ And he’s like, ‘no, you’re not. You’re not gonna… No, you will not do that.’ Shoo there I went.”

Harrison Carter
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