WWE Star Brutally Insults Rey Mysterio’s Daughter

Dominik Mysterio, the up-and-coming WWE star, has been making waves in the wrestling world lately, but not for the reasons that his fans might have expected. It seems that Dominik has some rather nefarious plans for his family, and he’s been causing them all sorts of trouble lately. Despite losing at WrestleMania 39, Dominik is now more determined than ever to subject his family to what he calls “torture.”



At Clash at the Castle, Dominik shocked the WWE universe by turning on his father Rey Mysterio and Edge to join The Judgment Day. Since then, he has been making life difficult for his family, especially his father. Despite his loss at WrestleMania, it seems that Dominik is not done yet, and he is intent on continuing to annoy and harass his family members.

Dominik has even gone so far as to disrupt family holidays, leading to his arrest by the police. He spent a few hours in “prison” and emerged with a new character, “Ex-Con Dom,” much to the delight of his fans. They have embraced his hilarious heel character, and his loss at WrestleMania has made most people quite happy. However, it seems that Dominik is not content to stop there, as he attacked his father on the RAW after the show, indicating that he is still up to no good.

In a recent interview with the Ringer Wrestling Show, Dominik spoke about how much fun he is having torturing various members of his family. He admitted that he hoped to do even more to torment them in the future, saying, “Hopefully, I get to do some more stuff where I get to torture them. It’s a blast. I had to put up with a lot of crap growing up, so it’s fun to return the favor.”

Dominik is clearly relishing his role as the family troublemaker, and he seems to be having the time of his life. He even revealed that he enjoys throwing water at his sister, calling her a “dumba**.” He recounted an incident at WrestleMania when he saw his sister holding a cup and thought, “this dumba** is holding a cup.” He then grabbed the cup, saw that it had a little water in it, and decided to throw it on her for fun. He admitted that he threw it with some force and that she didn’t expect it at all, but he found it to be “a lot of fun.”

It remains to be seen what Dominik’s next move will be, but it seems clear that he is not done causing trouble for his family anytime soon. Despite his controversial behavior, his fans seem to love him all the more for it, and he is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about stars in the WWE. Only time will tell what Dominik has in store for his family and his fans, but one thing is certain: he is not going to go quietly into the night.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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