WWE Star Buries Firings: ‘It’s Not A Family’

WWE fired 10 stars on Thursday including Samoa Joe and Billie Kay, and now Sean Ross Sapp is reporting a quote from an anonymous wrestler.



Sapp wrote on FightfulSelect.com, “It’s just an annual reminder that this is a company, not a family.”

Nick Aldis teased signing Samoa Joe to the NWA in a new photo of the two together as a tag team in TNA a decade ago.

Dave Meltzer posted the list of releases, “Releases so far from WWE: Samoa Joe, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Chelsea Green, Tucker, Wesley Blake, Bo Dallas, Kalisto.”

Renee Young tweeted, “How do you drop the ball on SAMOA JOE?!?!? How?! Injuries aside, what a mistake.”

Blue Meanie said, “The fact that the WWE didnt pair up Bo Dallas with Bray Wyatt is crazy to me. Bray recruits him in to reveal they are really brothers. A legit Wyatt family member. There was so many things they could have done with that. Bummer.”

“Imagine Bo Dallas doing a promo. It ends with him saying I Bo Lieve……I Bo Lieve…I Bo Lieve…IN I Bo Lieve…in *VOICE DEEPENS*….THE BUZZARDS…..*CUE BRAYS MUSIC* *GOOSEBUMPS*.”

Paige wrote, “Shocked by a bunch of the releases.. IIconics were and are absolute gold. @PeytonRoyceWWE @BillieKayWWE I love you ladies so much. You’re stars and will continue in your next step as stars. Won’t be long till you’re scooped up and a well deserved spotlight is shined on you both


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