WWE Star Dropped Pregnancy Bombshell To Vince McMahon

Former WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon’s reaction to Maria Kanellis’ second pregnancy has been revealed.



Maria Kanellis opens up on Vince McMahon

Maria and her husband Mike Bennetthad a lackluster run in WWE and they were rarely used on television programming. Then her second run was stopped due to pregnancy, and she never returned.

Maria Kanellis got pregnant for the second time during her second stint while Mike Bennett struggled for meaningful storylines and matches. Kanellis went on to discuss her last run with the company, her pregnancy and experiences with former WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon during that time. Maria Kanellis opened up in a big way with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston in a recent interview:

“When we were getting ready to sign with WWE again, we had long conversations with WWE, and I told them I wanted to have another baby right away, because I wanted the two kids to have each other, and I told WWE, ‘Hey, it’s fine, I could just not sign, and we can part ways. That’s fine. Mike can stay, and I’ll go and have a second baby.’”

Maria Kanellis also spoke about pitching a pay-per-view appearance deal or becoming a backstage producer during that time. The former WWE Diva believes that she could care for her baby and carry the responsibility of a major backstage role in the WWE at the same time.

“The final answer that we got was — it was Mark Carrano [who was Head of Talent Relations] at the time — and Mark said, ‘Vince loves kids, so if you were to get pregnant, no problem. No big deal,’” Kanellis continued. “So we were like, ‘Okay! Cool!’”

Mike and Maria Kanellis are currently signed with AEW.

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