WWE Star Forgets To Kick Out, Botches Match

Damian Priest successfully retained his World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins at WWE Money in the Bank last night but it seems that the match had a botch.



Earlier on the night, Drew McIntyre won the Money In The Bank contract and decided to cash in during the title match, turning the singles bout into a Triple Threat Match. Before McIntyre headed out, Rollins hit a Falcon Arrow and it seemed like he was able to get the three count on Priest, since the champion failed to kick out.

As seen from the video below, Priest didn’t kick out or move for the three count but the referee reacted as if he did and called it just a two-count. Even the challenger looked shocked after this call from the official.

Seth Rollins should have won the match and been crowned the WWE World Heavyweight Champion following the error, but instead, the referee did what he had to do as he Drew McIntyre would arrive soon.

It is not known whether Priest forgot to kick out or if there was a delay in McIntyre’s music hitting. Either way, many fans have picked up on the fact that the champion hadn’t kicked out, but there is now no option for a rematch for Rollins as he made the stipulation that if he lost he wouldn’t challenge again while Damian Priest was still champion.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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