WWE Star Gets Sad Surgery During SmackDown

Sadly, the name Roode is becoming associated with neck injuries. In the 90’s, Ravishing Rick Rude’s career ended due to neck injury. Now, almost thirty years later, Robert Roode, a man following in Rick’s footsteps is sadly about to undergo neck fusion surgery.

According to Ringside News, Robert Roode made his WWE debut in 2016 when he showed up at NXT – and became the best heel of the show. Since then, Roode’s WWE career has been hit or miss thanks to booking. Although his career in NXT saw him win the NXT Championship, the latter part of his WWE run hasn’t lived up to his experience on the developmental brand. Now, his career has another major setback.

Recently, rumors made the rounds that Roode would be returning to the ring. He was even present backstage for a few shows. However, that doesn’t seem likely considering Roode just underwent neck fusion surgery for his C-5 and C-6 vertebrae. Roode posted the post-surgery picture on Instagram, with an update as the caption.

IG “thank you to Dr Andy Cordover and his amazing staff at @andrews_sports_medicine and St Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham Alabama”

We wish Roode a speedy and successful recovery.


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Robert Hadley
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