WWE Star Humiliated With Adult Star Photo

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback has been a center of attraction for his controversial antics on social media and often receives backlash from the fans. He often shares his take on social media regarding any matter. ‘The Big Guy’ had some problems with Instagram as he did with TikTok. This time around he has been noted to have liked an adult picture.



Ryback caught by the fans

The Big Guy is still a guy in the end, and so he can have interests that many other people have. However, sometimes he does not want others to find out what he likes either. Adult film star Kendra Lust recently uploaded a photo of herself to commemorate Easter. Fans noted  that interestingly Ryback liked the post too, which might lead to more ridicule from fans. This came up on several timelines as fans were then alerted that Ryback celebrated Easter Sunday in this way.

Fans also do not want Ryback to make his pro wrestling return ever again. It is unlikely that fans will ever stop making fun of Ryback for one reason or the other now.

You can check out the picture below:

No description available.

Ryback recently stated that has issues with Instagram, as he has seen problems with TikTok. Ryback took to Twitter and called out Instagram for suppressing his Instagram account. This is despite the fact that he dropped six figures on advertising there.

“Hey @instagram as someone who has spent over 6 figures in advertising with you guys I am deeply concerned with what you’ve done to my TheBigGuyRyback22 account. Suppressing businesses advertisers accounts is not legal when no wrong has been done. Why do you refuse to speak?”

Previously, Ryback even recently requested Elon Musk to stop Twitter from suppressing his account. He took to Twitter and replied to a tweet by Elon Musk, who was just put on Twitter’s board of directors, where he urged the billionaire to help him prevent Twitter from suppressing his account.

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