WWE Star Leaving For AEW After SummerSlam?

It looks like another WWE star will be jumping ship to head out and over to AEW. This star would then join the list of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and Bray Wyatt to even just so much as have rumors about them showing up on the black and gold brand…Bray Wyatt ‘Personal Struggles’ In WWE Revealed.



The big name that we are talking about here is none other than Adam Cole. That’s right, Adam’s contract is set to expire very soon – much sooner than many outlets were lead to believe as it was originally thought that the contract of Adam Cole wasn’t set to expire until 2024, but we are now learning that the contract is expiring this month after SummerSlam.

Oddly enough, Cole’s contract was actually up after the Great American Bash, but he extended it until after SummerSlam to probably get in one more big show. Naturally, Cole has a lot of options in front of him, including companies who are not even in the current wrestling space. Many are lead to believe that the top choice for Cole, as well as anyone turning away from WWE is AEW.

We will have to stay set on watching as this story develops as sometimes there are certain clauses and loopholes that let someone go almost directly to another company rather than waiting out the typical 90-day clause.

Special thanks to WrestlingInc for the breaking news.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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