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WWE Star Not Appearing On Tonight’s Episode Of RAW, Rey Mysterio To Do A Shoot Interview


– As we noted last week, Kane was rumored to appear on tonight’s episode of WWE RAW even though he wasn’t advertised for upcoming WWE live events. confirmed that Kane would not be appearing on tonight’s episode of RAW.

– Rey Mysterio will be doing a live shoot interview with Wrestletalk TV on October 26th:

– WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley posted the following on his Facebook page about Vince Russo and some of his highlights in his career as well as asking if people they were a “Vince Russo guy.” You can read it down below:


Wait, wait, wait – before you immediately say “NO”, let me lay one word on you: ‪#‎YURPLE‬.

Still not working for you? Here’s four more words: ‪#‎ThisIsYourLife‬

If you’re a fan of the ‪#‎WWE‬ ‪#‎AttitudeEra‬, than – like it or not, whether you want to admit it to yourself or not – you ARE a Vince Russo guy! Sure, some of his ideas didn’t pan out, but pro-wrestling and WWE – not to mention my career – just wouldn’t be the same without him. If you got behind the meteoric rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the hell yeah, YOU ARE A VINCE RUSSO GUY! If you enjoyed the forming of The Rock and Sock Connection, like it or not, YOU ARE A VINCE RUSSO GUY! I know Russo in a devicive figure in wrestling. But he was a hard worker, a creative thinker, and iat his best, was nothing short of heinous. I was happy to be a guest on Vince’s new podcast ‪#‎TheBrand‬, where we took a really enjoyable stroll down memory lane. Come on and join us type in KCOL

Please feel free to leave some feedback on Vince Russo. Just keep it civil, bro! Before you leave anything too harsh, just remember….YURPLE!

PS: My son, Dewey was a guest on Vince’s podcast yesterday. Vince has been a big advocate of my son’s ideas, and they had a really good talk. So, bro, as long as you’re checking out my podcast, you might want to get a perspective on what life was like growing up Foley.

Yes, the “bro” references are a tribute to Vince, who might well topple DDP if it ever came down to a battle of the bros.

  • Chris E.

    I can only imagine how many turds were sorted through to get something worth using with Russo. I think we saw a lot of them in WCW. I will admit that I would rather have an idea man that throws everything at the wall than someone who has no input. One attention starved entertainer endorsing another (while shilling an appearance on his podcast) doesn’t really help his initial point.