WWE Star Officially Retires After Clash at the Castle

Wade Barrett has decided to say goodbye to his in-ring wrestling career. The member of the initial NXT and the first leader of the dominant group, Nexus, revealed during an episode of WWE The Bump before Clash at the Castle that he is not going near a ring again. He said:



“I’m not going anywhere near a ring again”

He hasn’t been inside the ropes since 2016 as an active competitor. Wade returned in 2020 as a color commentator for NXT and has been serving well in that role. His contract was recently extended. There were rumours that he wanted to face Drew McIntyre. It looks like that match will not happen after this announcement from Barrett.

Barrett’s Nexus gave us some remarkable superstars like Ryback, David Otunga and Windham Rotunda, a.k.a, Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt has been in the news lately about making a return to the WWE. He hasn’t been inside the ring since he was released from the company.

WWE knows that Bray is a talented superstar as is Barrett and the two together on any segment can bring back Nexus memories to life. The group was dominant and would take out anyone in their path. John Cena also felt Nexus’ wrath during those days.

Time has changed, and while Wade has decided not to step in the ring, a Nexus reunion can change things for the performer. We have seen superstars come out of retirement for one match, and Barrett doing it is not out of the question.

Do you think Wade Barrett made the right call? Sound off in the comments.

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