WWE Star Paid $18,000 For Hulk Hogan Card

Hulk Hogan is still a draw, brother! ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer took to social media via Twitter to tweet a picture of a very expensive Hulk Hogan rookie trading card insinuating that trading card and action figure enthusiast Matt Cardona [F.K.A. Zack Ryder in WWE] was the one to buy the card for over $18,000 on eBay.



Dream said, “Congrats to @TheMattCardona See you spent that #HardToKill $$ already #alwaysreadytobuytoys.” Cardona responded sarcastically ‘That’s how rumors get started’ in response to Dreamer’s original tweet. You can view the exchange below.

Cardona recently debuted in Impact Wrestling at Hard To Kill, where Dreamer has been working for awhile. Cardona had a short stint in AEW last year working with his friend Cody Rhodes. Cardona hosts a wrestling figures podcast and has a large collection of wrestling toys.

In other news revolving Hulk Hogan, in a recent interview with ESPN, ‘The Hulkster’ discussed his fame and legacy in comparison to other all time WWE greats such as The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He told the legacy sports outlet the following:

“That’s because for 20 years, there wasn’t a Stone Cold or a Rock or a John Cena. It was just me, every day, and sometimes twice on Saturday. I’d wrestle 400 times a year. It was crazy. The timing was so perfect for me because of how hot wrestling was. The cover of Sports Illustrated. The craziness of [the first] WrestleMania. It all just took off like a rocket.

Hogan continued:

“It’s hard to recapture that. We blazed such a trail that it’s hard for the young guys to follow that trail. It’s like what Vince McMahon always says [does Vince impression]: ‘Hogan, I’m always looking for an attraction.’ That’s because we branded something in Vince’s mind where he’s always looking for that next big thing, that hood ornament.”

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