WWE Star Posts Humiliating Video After Firing

PWInsider recently reported on Tuesday that Bodhi Hayward, Sloane Jacobs, Erica Yan, Damaris Griffin, and Ru Feng were released from their WWE contracts.



Bodhi Hayward opens up on the release

Brady Booker (AKA Bodhi Hayward) was prominently featured in the programming being part of the Chase U for 18 months. He was recently written off TV with Duke Hudson replacing him in the group. He was signed in August 2021, and his last TV match was a win with Andre Chase over Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes on September 20.

Hayward recently put out a video message for his fans on Twitter following his release from WWE NXT. In the video, he can be seen rocking a Coors hat, expressing his feelings after getting sacked.

“What up Brodies, it’s your boy, Bodhi Hayward … Brady Booker. Here to tell you that I was just released from the WWE. I’m hurt. I’m embarrassed. And Brodies, I’m just down bad. For the last 18 months, Andre Chase University and wrestling has been my whole life. I’m no stranger to adversity. Adversity has been something that has come up my whole life, and I’ve found a way to get on top. I will do it again. I’m Brady Booker, and I’m here to stay.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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