WWE Star Quits Suddenly Before SmackDown

NXT star Dijak had been having a great run at NXT since his return last year. However, he has confirmed his departure from WWE after a challenging stint on RAW. Following uncertainty regarding his contract status, Dijak announced on Twitter that his last day with WWE will be June 28, 2024.



It was reported that Dijak’s contract would expire this month. However, there was no indications of renewal. Fans were concerned, and their worries were validated when Dijak revealed WWE never engaged in negotiations despite his efforts. The company did not present any offers and notified him at the last minute that they wouldn’t renew his contract.

While talking about his WWE career, Dijak highlighted his achievements, including standout matches in NXT and WrestleMania weekend. He also received praise a top WWE executive and was set to feud for the NXT title before being called up to RAW. Throughout 2023 and early 2024, he consistently exceeded expectations.

Dijak emphasized his dedication, noting that he never complained or caused issues. He actively pitched ideas until the day before he was notified about his contract. He maintained a perfect attendance record despite a single injury in seven years.

“June 27, 2024

Here’s the truth, WWE never negotiated with me. We attempted to negotiate and they stonewalled us. They never made me a single offer, then they informed me they would not renew my contract at the eleventh hour. 2 months ago, I was in one of the best matches in NXT history and a top match of Wrestlemania weekend. On that day, a top executive in WWE told me I was “crushing it.” I was slated to feud for the NXT title but got called up to RAW instead. I consistently outperformed everyone’s expectations, especially throughout 2023 and early 2024. I never complained about anything or was difficult to work with. I tirelessly pitched ideas to anyone who would listen, as recently as the day before I was notified. I never once missed a booking, and I was injured 1 time in 7 years for 3 months. I’m thankful, disappointed, but also excited. This has lit a fire under me to relentlessly prove myself to the world. All I ever wanted was a fair shot and now I have the opportunity to go out and take it. That’s enough talk. Now it’s time to Do or Dijak.

My last day under a WWE contract is June 28, 2024.

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Get ready to Feast Your F****** Eyes.

Donovan Dijak”

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