WWE Star ‘Refuses’ Losing To Drew McIntyre

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns recently became the top star in the company is and cemented his position as the top heel.



In the past, The Tribal Chief had expressed his desire to eventually move transition into acting in Hollywood movies and has starred in Hobbs & Shaw alongside his cousin, The Rock.

Roman Reigns is not in favor of passing the torch to Drew McIntyre

It is noted that The Rock, who was the face of the company had passed the torch to John Cena before going to Hollywood and did the similar to Reigns. WWE Firing More Names Today: ‘It’s Needed’

Now, while having an interview with Cheap Heat, The Head of the Table was asked if he would be following the same route and if there is any star to take his place. He also denied losing to Drew McIntyre

Reigns said:

“Ain’t nobody. I can say my favorite number two, Drew [McIntyre]. There are a bunch of number twos, threes, whatever you want to call them. We can rank them, but they are under me. How far under? Who knows, who cares. How strong of a number two do you want to be? At this point, my favorite is Drew McIntyre. In a perfect world, if there is an opportunity to pass the torch to him, he’s the one guy that has captivated my attention in that manner, but he ain’t there. It’s only because I’m still here and so solid within my stronghold. The flag is fully planted in and I can’t even think about [who is next]. John [Cena] needed someone to come in so he could move on and try new things. I will eventually need that, but there is nobody at this point.”

Reigns and Cena are slated to have a match at WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view in August. Many people view the match to have the iconic  ‘passing the torch’ moment.

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