WWE Star Returning After Pedophile Accusation?

The former NXT star Velveteen Dream had been a popular star on the brand in the past. His gimmick and in-ring skills helped him gain huge popularity. However, he was also a subject of controversy when he found himself at the end of allegations. There has been multiple allegations against the Velveteen Dream.



Most notably when he sent explicit images to underage users on social media platforms. However, amid all the accusations, Triple H had said in August 2020 that WWE looked into the allegations and found nothing against him. With all that in the past now, it turns out he wants to make a return to WWE NXT somewhere down the line.

Velveteen Dreams wants to return to NXT

He had a lot of stories about his name, and that caused #FireVelveteenDream to trend whenever he was on television. Due to this, he was released by the company last year as well, much to the rejoice of fans.

Dream recently took to his Instagram stories and uploaded a post where he mentioned the sexual harassment allegations. He called the allegations “trashy and unsavory.” Dream also stated that he wants to work in WWE NXT again once he beats the allegations.

“Despite trashy and unsavory allegations against me that I have beat! I’d still like to have a career with n the E. @wwenxt
I was never guilty and I got a hell of a lot of talent. I’m only 26. LFG

Screenshot of Velveteen Dream's Instagram story

During a recent edition of Dishing Drama with Dana Wilkey, the former Velveteen Dream would discuss drama in wrestling. Credit to Wrestling Inc for the below.

“It’s easy to throw an extra punch in there or a kick that really lands,” he said. “Then say, ‘I thought that’s what we talked about in the back, I thought that’s what we agreed to.’ It’s like, ‘you know damn well we didn’t agree to that,’ it’s a lot of drama.”

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