WWE Star Returning On Raw After Drug Suspension

Matt Riddle is rumored to return on WWE Raw as Cody Rhodes’ partner against Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa, PWInsider.com reports.



During the highly anticipated WrestleMania 39 event, two prominent wrestling stars, Shane McMahon and Finn Balor, experienced unfortunate injuries that left fans concerned for their well-being. The first injury involved McMahon, who sustained a torn quad during his unexpected match with The Miz. This devastating news was delivered by none other than Paul Levesque, a fellow wrestler, during a post-show press conference. McMahon, known for his daring stunts and fearless attitude in the ring, ironically suffered this injury while executing a basic leapfrog move. Fans couldn’t help but express their shock and disbelief over the irony of the situation.

The second injury involved Finn Balor, who was participating in a thrilling Hell in a Cell match against Edge. During the match, Balor was struck on the head with a ladder, resulting in a massive cut that required staples to close. Balor, being the dedicated and committed wrestler he is, managed to complete the match despite the injury. In fact, it has been reported that he received the necessary staples at ringside during the brief pause in the match.

Balor even went as far as to release a photo of the cut for his fans, although he warned that it was not for the faint of heart. Fans were left in awe of his resilience and determination to continue with the match despite the severity of his injury. While there has been no official word on whether Balor will need to take time off to recover, fans and fellow wrestlers alike are sending him their best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

In summary, the injuries suffered by Shane McMahon and Finn Balor during WrestleMania 39 were unfortunate and alarming for both the wrestlers and their fans. It is a testament to the inherent risks associated with the sport of professional wrestling, and the bravery of the athletes who compete at the highest level despite those risks. Here’s hoping that both McMahon and Balor recover quickly and fully from their respective injuries.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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