WWE Star Says He Is Fired Before SmackDown

Over the past few weeks, Brooks Jensen has faced rejection from NXT and attempted multiple times to disrupt their shows, only to be prevented from appearing on air. Now, he has announced that he is officially no longer with the company.



In a video posted on social media, Brooks Jensen celebrated his impending free agency, stating that he would no longer be under WWE contract starting from June 21st.

It is June 21st now and he is officially a free agent so we will have to wait and see what Brooks Jensen will end up doing next.

“Hey guys, I’m back. So we’re one day away. Tomorrow marks Ben Buchanan being a free agent. What a journey it’s been. I want to thank each and every single one of you for being part of my journey. All the way from when I started at 16 years old to now. It’s just been an experience. Oh, God, I have some great news. This Saturday, I had my first independent booking. That’s right. I got my first match this Saturday. You know I can’t celebrate without a drink, right? Hold on. Salute. But guys, once again, Thank you for being part of this and I cannot wait to share more of my journey with all of you.”

On June 21st, Jensen posted a statement on Twitter, announcing his departure from WWE and expressing his gratitude. Here’s what he wrote:

“First off, I just want to say sorry. I’m sorry for how I’ve behaved myself on here and I’m deeply sorry for making an ass out of myself. As you have heard, today I’m no longer with WWE as my non-compete clause is officially up. This has been one hell of a ride, and I’m forever thankful and grateful for the friendships this line of work has brought and for letting me meet my future wife. So with that being said, thank you all for supporting me and being here with me through these times, but today is only the beginning of the future of Ben Buchanan.”


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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