WWE Star Skips Show After Family Member Dies

Pat McAfee, a major name on Monday Night RAW since his return earlier this year, was notably absent from a recent episode, prompting speculation among fans. Michael Cole advised viewers not to read too much into McAfee’s absence during the June 24th edition of RAW. It was later revealed that McAfee missed the show due to a sudden family emergency.



McAfee addressed his absence on Twitter and during his own show, The Pat McAfee Show. He shared the heartbreaking news that his father-in-law had passed away unexpectedly after battling an infection in an Indianapolis hospital. McAfee recounted receiving an urgent call from his wife as RAW ended, prompting him to rush to the hospital.

Reflecting on the situation, McAfee described how his wife, her mother, and her aunt witnessed his father-in-law’s courageous fight, which ultimately ended in loss. He expressed deep sorrow over the unexpected death, particularly noting the impact on his wife, who had a close bond with her father.

McAfee found some comfort in knowing that his wife and her mother were present with his father-in-law during his final moments, where they shared heartfelt expressions of love. This experience served as a reminder for McAfee to cherish and openly express love to those who are dear to him.

”My father-in-law passed away unexpectedly after the show ended yesterday in a hospital here in Indianapolis, Indiana. He had been in the hospital fighting an infection and on Friday we were told he was probably gonna be discharged on Sunday and they had figured it out. We had high hopes and then yesterday as the show was ending, my wife calls me and I have to get to the hospital because there was an emergency. “

“I head over there, what my wife and her mom and her aunt saw go on was, her dad, being a badass and trying to kick ass and losing his fight in this particular day, whenever something blindsides an entire family, it can be devastating. My wife is a daddy’s girl. Last night was obviously a difficult night for our family and it was a nice reminder, thankfully my wife and her mom with her dad, the last things they said, Bob, who was a great man, was ‘I love you.’ I feel this was a nice piece of perspective and a nice moment to tell someone you love them.”


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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