WWE Star Tries To Fight Michael B. Jordan

Creed star Michael B. Jordan claimed that Logan Paul called him out for a fight in a new SI interview. Logan Paul has done boxing fights and is in WWE, while Michael B. Jordan plays a boxer in the Creed trilogy.



SI: Ever tempted to get in the ring?

MBJ: I would say maybe once, and it was more or less just me and a bunch of my friends watching a lot of people get inside the ring that didn’t necessarily have as much experience as I did. The conversation was like, “Mike, when you getting in there?”

SI: So who are you thinking of fighting?

MBJ: Come on, Chris. [Laughs.) Come on, man. Nah, it was just one of those things where it’s like you start seeing like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, those guys getting in the ring and all these YouTubers, just that whole era. It really started to become a big draw and bring in a big audience.

I guess right around that time. And I think [Logan Paul] called me out. I kind of let it slide. But it was definitely something that I thought about once or twice.

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