WWE Star ‘Walked Out’ Of Raw After Script Change

Reports have emerged involving Seth Rollins’ segment getting cut from the ‘Raw after WrestleMania’ which is usually full of surprises. During Rollins’ entrance, the show cut to a commercial break, which led to Rollins having an animated discussion with ringside crew during the break.



Fans were left wondering exactly what had happened. When “RAW” returned, Rollins was furious and walked out of the ring to the back without saying a word. Former WWE writer has claimed that Rollins was fuming as the segment got cut.

Seth Rollins freaked out

During a recent episode of the “Wrestling with Freddie” podcast, host Freddie Prinze Jr. and his co-host Jeff Dye shared their eyewitness account of the incident. According to Dye, you could hear Seth Rollins freak out after they ran a commercial during his intro.

“They played a commercial during his intro, and then we could kind of hear him having a freak-out on some … production people. He was going ‘Why is there a commercial?!’ You couldn’t really hear what he was saying. You could just tell he was mad.”

“He said, ‘What the hell is going on?!’ I saw that coming out of his mouth,” Prinze added. “I think he was more pissed than pissed at them. I think he was pissed when he went backstage at whoever did that. But if I was him, I would’ve been just as angry, and I thought the way he dealt with it was so hardcore and awesome. Instead of cutting a promo, he just throws the mic out of the ring and walked out — and walked out of the friggin’ show.”

Barry Russell
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