WWE Star Yoshi Tatsu Not Happy with His Spot and Other Incidents?

– A series of blogs credited to WWE Superstar Yoshi Tatsu were published earlier this week on a Sportsnavi.com website. The blogs appear in Japanese but a rough translation to English makes it sound like Tatsu is unhappy with some things in WWE.



Tatsu referenced the 2011 earthquake in Japan that was such a tragedy. Tatsu apparently wanted to raise the Japanese flag in support as he competed in the WrestleMania 27 pre-show battle royal but was not allowed by company officials. Yoshi also wanted to travel with WWE to Japan to help earthquake victims but was not allowed to because it was a RAW tour and he was on the SmackDown roster.

The series of blogs is titled “10 Issues” and that apparently refers to Tatsu’s gripes with his position in the company and other topics he had to get off his chest. The translation is very rough but Tatsu also talks about not being happy with his spot in WWE but says he is not critical of them, he just needed to get some things off his chest.

The blog is linked on the main page of the official WWE Japan website so it appears to be legit. The blogs were published on July 27th but Tatsu has not commented on them or referenced them through his Twitter page.

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