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WWE Starrcade segments that will air on WWE Network


  • CC

    And as I said when they announced it was a 1 hour special from a 3 hour event, it will not even be worth watching.
    Not only does it only show 2 out of 8 matches, but what it does decide to show is two “skits”. Wow, this is gonna be amazing isn’t it.

    Funny thing is, looking at that womens match, you have Alicia Fox who despite subbing for Bliss at Evolution, did not even get considered for the team Bliss put together at Survivor series and totally vanished from TV instead. And you also have Dana Brooke, another one of those wrestlers that is face one week, heel the next, and face again the week after because they cannot even decide what to do with her.

    As for the question will I be watching it? Something tells me I can find something more interesting to do with my time like shouting at pigeons or counting the amount of turns Big Show has done in his career.