WWE Stars ‘Desperately’ Want Triple H Replaced

LockBetting.com’s Billi Bhatti took to Twitter and reported that many people wanted Vince McMahon back.



This guy speaks for the talent without speaking to any of the actual talent. This narrative is BS. Many do want him back as their booking under Triple H sucks. I can name at least 10 guys who prefer having him back. This is BS spin by clickbait dirt sheets who speak to NOBODY!

It’s completely made up. I know a load of talent who are desperately wanting Vince there


During a recent interview on the Bill Simmons Podcast, WWE CEO Nick Khan spoke about the possible return of WWE chairman Vince McMahon to television. While he stated that there are currently no plans for McMahon to make a comeback on the small screen, he also admitted that the situation could change in the future, possibly in a few months.

However, Khan made it clear that McMahon’s return to television would not happen unless he and the head of creative, Triple H, agree to it. This suggests that both parties will need to be on board before McMahon can even consider returning to the spotlight.

It’s worth noting that McMahon retired from his roles as chairman, CEO, and head of creative last year amidst controversy. An investigation by WWE’s board of directors revealed that he had paid multiple women millions of dollars to keep quiet about sexual encounters they had with him, as well as allegations of sexual misconduct in some cases.

Since then, McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, has been named the new chairwoman and co-CEO, along with Khan, in Vince’s absence. Meanwhile, Triple H has been elevated to head of creative, taking on some of the responsibilities that McMahon used to handle.

While it remains to be seen whether McMahon will ever return to television, it’s clear that WWE is focused on moving forward with a new leadership structure and addressing the issues that have come to light in recent years. Only time will tell what the future holds for WWE and its former chairman.

Harrison Carter
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