WWE Star’s Ex-Girlfriend Cries After His Firing

The recent round of WWE releases has garnered significant attention, with Matt Riddle’s name being one of the most notable among those let go by the company. Following his admission of the release on Instagram, Riddle expressed gratitude to his fans for their unwavering support while acknowledging that this chapter of his career with WWE has come to an end.



In the lead-up to his release, Riddle had not been featured on WWE television since a challenging incident at JFK Airport, where he encountered difficulties returning from India after WWE’s Superstar Spectacle event, leading to a security incident. Additionally, Riddle had found himself entangled in various controversies outside of the airport situation, including a leaked sex tape.

Meanwhile, Matt Riddle’s ex-girlfriend, Daniella Petrow, took to social media to share her emotional response to Riddle’s release. She expressed happiness about the news, stating that she was shedding “tears of joy” because WWE was no longer there to “protect” Riddle. In her video message, she expressed her hope that Riddle would use this opportunity to improve his life for the sake of his unborn child and mend broken relationships with his children. She also emphasized the importance of him not causing harm to anyone else, now that WWE wouldn’t be in a position to provide protection.

While Matt Riddle had experienced a notable tenure in WWE, his progress on the main roster had faced repeated setbacks. Despite the impending return of Randy Orton to the company, it appears that the possibility of an RKBro reunion is not on the horizon.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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