WWE Stars Filmed In Rest Room By Pedophile Star?

The former NXT star Velveteen Dream has been a controversial figure. He was a popular star on the brand in the past. His gimmick and in-ring skills helped him gain huge popularity. However, he was also a subject of controversy when he found himself at the end of allegations. There have been multiple allegations against the Velveteen Dream. He has been eyeing for a return to WWE. However, he has once found himself in trouble which is connected to a drug case he caught last year. The former WWE star EC3 has now shed light on a bizarre incident involving dream during their time in WWE NXT.



EC3 opens up on Velveteen Dream

EC3 worked with the former Tough Enough contestant in an NXT storyline in 2018. On Sportskeeda’s “The Wrestling Outlaws” show, he told an in-depth story about Velveteen Dream’s behavior at a house party:

“He got arrested again. When’s he gonna get rehired? Probably not if that’s on his record, plus he has a lot of demons in the closet. Oh, what do you mean? I’m glad you asked, why not? Because in NXT there was always some speculation about him being a little off, but you welcome that. You can be friends,” said EC3.

Velveteen Dream had once attended a house party along with several other wrestlers. EC3 noted that his former co-worker set up a camera in the bathroom without anyone’s consent:

“We had a party and it was at my place, and he came over because I’m being friendly and I’m top guy and I tried to welcome everybody into the thing. He left his phone in my bathroom with the camera on trying to capture people taking pi**es, so there.”

EC3 added that the camera was strategically positioned next to the soap dispenser to film people using the toilet:

“How did I know? Because it’s my bathroom. When I walk in there and I see a phone selfie-style, propped up, on, filming, where if somebody is going to take a pee, they would have their phallus out urinating into the water…”

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