Several WWE Stars React to Triple H’s Condition

Shortly after WWE released their storyline update on Triple H’s condition, several WWE talents posted reactions on Twitter.



Cody Rhodes ?@CodyRhodesWWE
HHH would be just fine not getting paid long as he still was able to walk down the ramp…I feel the same, so I can’t imagine hanging it up.

Santino Marella ?@milanmiracle
I’m concern for HHH, back stage he looked . . . its hard to put in words but there seemed to be no wind in his sails, if that make sense

R-Truth ?@RonKillings
Big win for the tag team champs,,but I’m worried about HHH,,he’s really banged up bad,,not to mention a broken arm..

TheMarkHenry ?@TheMarkHenry
Triple h and Brock was very good I expected such a match.H is long from done gladiators die in the ring.That man is not dead by a long shot.

Vickie Guerrero ?@ExcuseMeWWE
Triple H is built of steel, he will recover and face Brock once again!

Chris Jericho ?@IAmJericho
#SummerSlam was amazing! Great match w @HEELZiggler and I proved my point! And if that was HHH last stand…what a way to go out! #truewarrior

Natalya ?@NatbyNature
Can’t help but wonder what is going to happen to HHH after his loss to Brock at SummerSlam. Maybe it’s his last match as it was so intense.

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