WWE releases statement on NXT Star Mark Andrews’ injury

Several sites reported yesterday night that NXT Star Mark Andrews may have suffered a serious neck injury during the third day of the ongoing Download Festival.



It was reported that Andrews was part of the 8 men tag team main event, and he appeared to have suffered an injury while taking a horrendous clothesline from one of the members of the Authors Of Pain.

After the incident, the match was reportedly stopped and the NXT Star was taken to a local medical facility for treatment. Though WWE later released a press release as seen below, in which they confirmed that his injury was not serious:

“Mark Andrews suffered a neck injury on Sunday during WWE NXT’s time at Download Festival 2017 in Donington Park in Derby, England.

Andrews was quickly evaluated by WWE medical personnel. A statement passed along to WWE.com read, “A CT scan of Andrews came back negative, with just bruising evident. Mark would like to thank all his fans for their concern.”

At the moment there is no news of Mark missing any ring time and he’ll most likely be back with the NXT crew after resting for a day or two.

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