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WWE strategy behind Shield reunion possibly revealed

The WWE Universe saw the reunion of the alliance that stilled terror during their peak. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose joined their “brother” Roman Reigns to take down Brawn Strowman in a dominant fashion to end RAW on a high pretty recently.

While, the Shield was reunited briefly last year, a viral meningitis outbreak and a muscle tear for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose respectively, shed water on the plans. With the return of the Lunatic Fringe after eight long months, the Shield are right where they left things.

The timing of the reunion has left some fans puzzling and as per Wrestling Newsletter Observer, the move has been initiated by the WWE officials in order to boost the merchandise sales.

The Shield has always been a major draw and now with a Universal Champion and an Intercontinental Champion along with a returning star, the sales might peak in the coming weeks.

  • Whistling Joe

    Nothing cuts deeper than the truth.

  • blkwolf13

    I feel like the sarcasm was carried too long…. I started to think it wasn’t sarcasm……..

  • Whistling Joe

    No, the Shield is back together, that’s why they had the them in a six man tag this week. Oh wait, they’re going to save that for the Super (house)Show Down. Well, WWE is smart, Reigns is over. WWE would never resort to doing something like turn the man who actually is over, Strowman, in order to force people to get behind Reigns. They aren’t petty like that. They didn’t have Brock hold the Universal title for as long as he did so they would no longer have to refer to Punk as the longest reigning champ of the modern time. Nor did WWE have Nikki Bella hold the Divas title as long as she did so they wouldn’t have to refer to AJ as the longest reigning female champ of the modern day. Just like they didn’t have New Day hold the tag belts as long as they did so they wouldn’t have to refer to Demolition, two men currently in a lawsuit with WWE, as the longest reigning tag champs. These are all just coincidences It’s good storytelling, don’t you know? We needed those extra days on Brock’s reign, we couldn’t have Reigns win at Mania, that wasn’t a good enough story, we had to have him win months later.

  • Rinn13

    It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with them trying whatever they can to get fans behind Reigns…..