WWE Sued for Book Covers, Jewel’s Slap to Jillian on RAW

– The Turtle Company, Inc. has filed a lawsuit against WWE and ABC Corps 1-10, Inc. over children’s textbook covers. The lawsuit alleges that WWE textbook covers featuring photos of DX, Rey Mysterio, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Edge, CM Punk and John Cena infringed upon and violated Turtle’s patent on “adjustable book jackets” and their “method” for making these jackets.



The lawsuit is asking that production of the covers stop, that WWE and ABC Corps account for all damages made to Turtle and that Turtle be awarded “the maximum rate allowable by law” for the damages and that their lawyer fees be covered. Turtle is asking for a jury trial to settle the matter. WWE and ABC Corps have to respond to the lawsuit by March 13th.

– Last night’s RAW guest host Jewel said on the show that she was on crutches because she hurt herself riding a mechanical bull, like the one the Divas and Big Show rode on RAW. Actually she hurt her ankle riding her bike a week ago. She noted on Twitter last night how her hand hurt after slapping Jillian Hall in the backstage segment.

Several WWE stars and Divas wrote on Twitter last night about how hard the slap to Jillian looked. Jillian herself wrote this on Twitter: “Jewel slaps hard!!!”

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