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WWE SummerSlam 2015 PPV Results: Rollins vs. Cena

Show: SummerSlam

Location: Brooklyn, NY at the Barclays Center

Date: August 23, 2015

Airing Live On The WWE Network

Welcome to the WWE SummerSlam kickoff show live on the WWE Network. We are shown the Barclays Center, outside and then into the arena with WWE fans doing the YES chant. Our host is Renee Young with Booker T, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves are serving as the panel. Tom Phillips is shown on the SummerSlam social media center. He plugs all of WWE’s social media accounts as well as Stephen Amell and Neville taking the fans questions about SummerSlam later in the show.

Renee Young plugs that Jon Stewart will be the official Summerslam host. A graphic hyping Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper are shown, which also leads into a video package recapping the events that has led up to this point thus far as Luke Harper attacked Roman Reigns last month at Battleground. The panel discusses the tag team match.

Jon Stewart is seen talking with John Cena in the back and Cena signs an autograph for his kid. A video package recapping the recent feud between John Cena and Seth Rollins is shown. Booker T brought up that Cena is fighting for his legacy in his match with Seth Rollins tonight. Graves said that Rollins deserves to be respected as WWE Champion. A video package of the fans traveling to see SummerSlam from all around the country is shown.

Highlights of the segment between Kevin Owens and Cesaro from Miz TV three weeks ago are shown. Corey Graves said that Kevin Owens doesn’t show respect for the business. Kevin Owens appeared and sat down at the panel’s desk. He told them that he will make the fans, silent when he beats Cesaro tonight. He walked away and we were then shown a video package recapping the Divas revolution.

A graphic hyping the WWE Tag Team Championship match and how the Prime Time Players have chips on their shoulders to prove their doubters wrong. A recap video package is shown for the triple threat Intercontinental Championship match is shown. Yet another video package to recap the recent events between Sheamus and Randy Orton is shown.

Stephanie McMahon is shown in the back hyping the upcoming Divas elimination match that is scheduled for later tonight. She said that women in sports are taking over the way sports are seen. She thinks Ronda Rousey is the biggest star in the UFC. The sky’s the limit for women in sports. She said that the winner gets the spoils.

A final video package hyping Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker is shown to end the kickoff show.

Welcome to the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view event. 
Special correspondent Michael Straw reporting.

The show starts out with Lillian Garcia welcoming Jon Stewart as the host of SummerSlam. Stewart starts by welcoming the fans in Brooklyn to the show; dropping a “No sleep til Brooklyn” line. He then provided a rundown of the superstars performing on the card, and promised 10 great bouts.

Stewart states that he wants to interview Brock Lesnar due to still being upset at Lesnar for ending the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak, but he admits he’ll need help. To do so, he introduces Hall of Famer Mick Foley who comes out to a great ovation.

Foley gets the cheap pop out of the way early before stating that he thought Stewart said “Rock” not “Brock. If he had heard the “B”, he wouldn’t have agreed to come. After some back and forth banter, Foley said that Stewart was on his own, saying “Have a nice day!” Stewart signals to start the show, and an introduction package begins for SummerSlam.

After the package airs, pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes fans and checks in with the commentary team before the first match gets underway.

MATCH: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

The bell rings for the match. The crowd immediately starts the “You look stupid” chants towards Sheamus before the Celtic Warrior grabs a mic to belittle the fans. He proceeds to say they all look stupid and that fans will respect the hawk.

Orton then trips Sheamus on the announce table to get the action underway. Sheamus fights back on the outside before putting Orton into the ring. He then climbed the top rope and dropped a knee on Orton. Sheamus then continued to put a beating on Orton with his typical array of moves before Orton starts to fight back.

After a little more action, Sheamus regains control while the crowd breaks out into “How you doin?” and “Ole” chants. As the action continued, Orton gained control. He went for the powerslam, but Sheamus countered before Orton hit him with the backbreaker. Orton fails to hit Sheamus with the hanging DDT, but manages to dump him to the outside over the top rope.

Sheamus fights back, and puts Orton into a cloverleaf submission hold. He fights out and regains the advantage. Setting up for an RKO, Sheamus manages to duck out of the ring before going for the shoulder block over the top rope right into the RKO. Sheamus then rolls out of the ring to the floor.

After getting him back in the ring, Orton goes for the punt to Sheamus’ head. It’s missed, and Sheamus hits white noise on Orton to a chorus of “You look stupid” chants.  Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but misses. Orton goes for the RKO again, misses. Sheamus then counters into a Brogue kick for the 1,2,3.

WINNER: Sheamus in 11:15

Mike’s Musings: A very solid opening match that had the crowd involved. Definitely won’t be the best match of the night, but for a four-hour show there are no complaints on my end. The ending was perfectly executed by both parties.

Michael Cole hyped up Draft Kings before a video with a couple contest winners was shown. They were shown in the crowd, and immediately got booed.

Match number two is up, and it’s for the tag team championship. New Day enters first and begins to cut a promo on looking fresh and hip hop. They then proceed to do a parody of Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys.

Mike’s Musings: I have to admit, that was so much better than the original version of the song.

The rest of the four teams make their entrance as things get underway.

MATCH: New Day vs. Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores vs. Prime Tim Players (c) for the Tag Team Championship.

Cole brings up a stat that the tag team titles have changed hands 13 times in New York City. The last time it happened was in 2005 when MNM won the belts.

The match starts with the quick action you’d expect. At one point, members of the New Day were legally against each other and went for the pin to try and win the titles. Titus O’Neil caught the scheme and broke up the pin.

As Xavier Woods acts in his usual entertaining self on the outside, New Day begins to take advantage of Darren Young, who can’t seem to make a tag at all. Young then eventually starts to fight back before finally making the tag to O’Neil. Upon entry, he then proceeds to clear house of everyone in sight. The crowd gets into O’Neil as he continues to dominate the competition.

After a bit, Sin Cara decides to fly out of the ring, but gets kicked on the diver. However, it looked like he may have botched the jump. Woods tries to get involved, but El Torito jumps from the top to the outside. Woods catches him before planting him on the floor and celebrating like he beat John Cena.

A “this is awesome” chant breaks out after Big E dives to the outside. The legal men remain Fernando and O’Neil, though it’s tough to keep track. After a double superplex by the Lucha Dragons, Kofi Kingston makes a quick tag, runs in and pins Fernando after Big E takes out Titus.

Winner and NEW Tag Team Champions: New Day in 11:20

Mike’s Musings: That was a fun and entertaining match. At times, it was a bit chaotic to follow, but that’s to be expected in these types of matches. So far, this show is definitely off to a nice start with the first two matches. The New Day have to have a face turn in the making, they are getting too over.

After the match, Stewart is shown in the back with Neville and Stephen Amell talking about Undertaker. The lights go out, fog rises and a figure presumed to be Taker walks by. Stewart then has Amell sign his son’s shirt.

It then cuts to a video recapping the feud between Rusev and Summer Rae against Dolph Ziggler and Lana.

Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance for the third match of the night. Lana is by his side sans business suit. Rusev then makes his entrance.

MATCH: Dolph Ziggler w/ Lana vs. Rusev w/ Summer Rae.

The match starts with Ziggler going on the immediate attack before Rusev uses his size to gain the upper hand. Ziggler breaks out of Rusev’s hold, and tries to fight back. As he goes for an attack, Ziggler gets caught by Rusev and gets hit with a swinging slam.

It’s still all Rusev as he hits Ziggler with strike after strike. With Rusev set to deliver an overhead slam, Ziggler counters it into a DDT to give himself some time to recover. Ziggler starts to gain an advantage, but it’s thwarted with a spin kick to the face. Rusev gets a near fall out of it.

Rusev heads to the top rope, but Ziggler quickly runs and catches him before throwing him into a face plant from the top rope. After some more action, Rusev goes for a kick, but Ziggler counters into a rollup pin that Rusev kicks out of. Ziggler then puts Rusev into a sleeper hold. The Bulgarian gets to the ropes, but Ziggler hangs on. He then hits him with the famouser, and gets a two count.

Rusev then fights and puts Ziggler into the Accolade while Lana yells for Ziggler to kick out. Summer goes to slap Lana, but it’s countered with a slap of her own. This causes Rusev to break the hold and begins to yell at Lana while “Lana!” chants break out from the crowd. Summer then attacks Lana from behind.

Ziggler hits Rusev with a superkick, which plants him on the announce table with the ref at a count of eight. Ziggler fails to make it into the ring before the 10 count, and the ref calls for the bell.

No contest as a result of a double count out in 12:05

After the match, the fighting continues between Rusev and Ziggler. Summer Rae then attacked Ziggler before Lana came in and attacked Summer. Rusev and Summer get out of the ring and head up the ramp as Ziggler’s music hits

Mike’s Musings: Not a fan of the finish at all, but I understand why it was done to keep both guys safe. It’s obvious that a tag match is the next direction for this feud.

Camera’s return to the announce table as they hype the SummerSlam theme song. A video package is showed for the next match.

MATCH: Neville and Stephen Amell vs. King Barrett and Stardust

The parties all make their entrances. Amell gets really no reaction from the crowd at all, which is disappointing. The bell rings and we get underway.

Neville and Barrett start the match. Neville hits a crossbody on Barrett at the start before Stardust gets quickly tagged in. Stardust doesn’t want Neville, he wants Amell. Amell surprises Stardust with a kick to knock him to the mat. After being knocked down, Amell counters a back drop and hits Stardust with a hip toss.

Barrett tags himself in and immediately takes Amell to the corner of the ring. After an Amell leap frog, Barrett hits with a kick. He then mocks the Arrow before tagging in Stardust who proceeds to kick Amell. After some more tags, Amell goes for a kick after a two count. Stardust catches the kick, but gets hit with an enziguri.

With Neville and Barrett now the legal men, Neville hits a back flip on Barrett for a near fall that’s broken up by Stardust. Stardust and Barrett find themselves on the outside where Amell then jumps on them from the top rope. Amell puts Barrett in the ring where Neville hits the Red Arrow for the win!

Winner: Neville and Stephen Amell in 7:40

Mike’s Musings: That was much better than expected, though that’s not too surprising due to Amell’s physical condition. Quick, fun match that made the crowd happy.

The final four Tough Enough contestants are shown before a video about the week’s activities and efforts.

MATCH: Miz vs. Big Show vs. Ryback (c) for Intercontinental Championship

Big Show hits a senton off the middle rope on Ryback, but grabbed his back soon after. Miz tried to take advantage by covering Ryback, but only got a two count. Ryback fought Miz, and then hit a top rope splash onto Miz. As he stood up, Big Show chokeslammed Ryback onto Miz before getting his own two count.

Big Show missed a KO punch on Ryback who hit a spinebuster before going for the Meathook. Show countered, but was then hit with Shellshock. Miz then hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Ryback before another two count on both other participants.

Ryback went for Shellshock on Miz, but Show KO punched him. Miz ended up taking a KO punch as well before Ryback clotheslined Big Show over the top rope. Ryback then covered the Miz for the win.

Ryback retains in 5:40

Mike’s Musings: A much shorter match than originally expected. Not a bad offering from the participants, but I wonder how much Ryback’s recent staph infection impacted the planning of this match.

Backstage, Jon Stewart knocked on Brock Lesnar’s door to attempt to interview the Beast, but he’s met by Paul Heyman. Heyman said that now isn’t really the time for the interview to which Stewart asked if it was because he was an Undertaker guy. Stewart said the fans were given coal on Christmas morning when Lesnar ended The Streak. As a response to that point, Heyman chanted “Glory, Glory Brock Lesnar”. He added: “I guess we couldn’t get David Letterman to host the show” before walking into the room.

MATCH: Wyatt Family vs. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

Reigns and Ambrose start the match out quickly with the crowd getting into the match. Wyatt then slams Reigns onto the ring apron before Harper hits him with a suicide dive. Ambrose hits his own dive, but then gets rammed into the ring apron.

Reigns then gets superkicked by Harper, leading to the Wyatt Family to overtake Ambrose. Wyatt then suplexed Ambrose to the floor. He ends up getting kicked in the face by Harper.

Later in the match, fans continue to give Reigns a hard time, booing when he succeeds and cheering when he fails. Only time they really seemed to cheer Reigns was when Ambrose was involved.

Reigns powerbombs Harper with an assist from Ambrose. Harper then rolls to the floor as Wyatt attempts to hit Ambrose with Sister Abigail. It’s countered, and Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Wyatt. Reigns tags in as fans boo. He waits for Wyatt before hitting the spear for the win.

Reigns and Ambrose win in 11:10

Mike’s Musings: So, when is Wyatt ever going to get a substantial win? It’s becoming annoying to see him talk so much, but never get the win.

After the match, the winners embrace before it cuts to a video package for the next match, the Title for Title fight.

MATCH: John Cena (c) vs. Seth Rollins (c) Winner Takes All

The crowed 100% pro Rollins for this match, cheering everything he does. Cena, on the other hand, was getting booed at every corner, including a loud “Cena Sucks” chant to the beat of the “New Day Sucks” chants.

After some nice back and forth action for the first part of the match, Rollins gained the upper hand by hitting Cena with a running shooting star press that was good for a two count. It was brought up on commentary that Cena may be afraid of his nose being broken by Rollins once again.

Rollins hung Cena between the ropes, and jumped off the turnbuckle with a double stomp to the chest of Cena. Cena was then able to kick out once again at two. Cena is able to fight back, and hit his own leg drop for a two count of his own. Rollins hit a buckle bomb and a frog splash on Cena. Cena went for an AA on Rollins, but it was countered into a kick. Rollins then performed the AA on Cena for yet another near fall.

Rollins went for another high-risk move, but it was caught into an STF from Cena. Rollins breaks the hold, but Cena puts him into a Figure 4 leg lock; it was eventually reversed and broken.

With Rollins up for an AA, the ref took a bump knocking him out of the ring. Cena hit the AA, but with no ref their was no three count.

With the ref knocked out, Jon Stewart runs to the ring with a chair in hand. After seemingly ready to hit Rollins with the chair, he turns and nails Cena in the gut allowing Rollins to hit the Pedigree for the win.

Winner and World Heavyweight and US Champion Seth Rollins in 19:25

After the match, an advertisement was shown for the WWE Network running down all the upcoming programs including the next Stone Cold Podcast with guests Edge and Christian.

After the video, the preshow panel delivered their comments on the night’s action thus far. During the segment, a loud “Thank You Stewart!” chant broke out from the crowd.

MATCH: PCB vs. Team B.A.D. vs. Team Bella

First, let me throw a disclaimer down. My connection was down for a good five-seven minutes during this match. I actually got back to normal right before the first elimination. So, we’ll pick it up there. Thanks terrible Internet company!

Team B.A.D is the first eliminated when Tamina gets hit with the second-rope facebuster, and was pinned by Brie Bella.

After the elimination, Team Bella did a great job of keeping Paige away from her corner to make a tag for quite a while. Any time Paige would get any momentum whatsoever, Team Bella would throw her back into their corner.

Paige was finally able to make the tag to Charlotte who came in and quickly applied the Figure Eight to Alicia Fox before it was broken up. Charlotte makes the tag to Becky Lynch who proceeds to trade blows with Brie Bella. After Brie misses a missle dropkick, Becky hits her with a pumphandle slam for the pin.

Winners: Team PCB in 15:20

An ad is shown for WWE 2k16 featuring The Terminator…

MATCH: Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro

A video recap of the feud is shown while the superstars make their entrances for the penultimate match.

The fight starts strong and fast with Owens dumping Cesaro to the outside, and taunting the crowd. He throws Cesaro back into the ring before taunting Cole. Because of the distraction, Cesaro is able to dive to the outside to take out Owens to a huge pop. Cesaro hits the move from the top rope before going for the early cover. Owens then cannonballs Cesaro for his own two count.

After trading blows and moves for a bit, Owens hit Cesaro with a spinning neckbreaker that lead to a nearfall. He then hits a shot to the back of Cesaro’s neck before another two count.

With more nearfalls, both competitors begin to get frustrated. Cesaro goes for the neutralizer, but couldn’t get Owens up. After trying again, Owens hits the backdrop on Cesaro. Owens then goes for a springboard moonsault, but Cesaro moves out of the way. He hits Owens with a big uppercut before getting hit with a kick for another nearfall.

Cesaro then avoids a popup powerbomb before hitting a corkscrew uppercut. Cesaro then locks in the sharpshooter before Owens gets to the rope to break it up. With Owens sitting on the turnbuckle, Cesaro hits a dropkick that startles Owens. When he went to capitalize, Owens countered with a fisherman suplex from the top rope. Owens then hits the popup powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens in 14:20

MATCH: Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

A video package highlights the last 15 months of buildup before the entrances of the competitors.

Lesnar doesn’t even let Undertaker get his jacket and hat off before going on the attack with a number of strikes to the body. Undertaker fights back after being backed into the corner with punches and a boot of his own before knocking Lesnar out of the ring.

After Lesnar circles the ring, he finally gets back into ring and the bell rings to get the match officially underway.

After a quick takedown and strikes by Lesnar, he gets a quick one count. Take comes back as the crowd begins dueling “Undertaker/Suplex City” chants. Taker goes for old school early, but gets countered into an F5 attempt. That gets countered into a chokeslam attempt, but Lesnar counters it.

Lesnar then starts to hit suplexes on Taker before yelling “Suplex City, Bitch” at the top of his lungs. While on the attack, Lesnar gets dropped into the turnbuckle.

The fight goes outside of the ring with Lesnar busted open. Taker then has Lesnar on the apron, and hits the leg drop on the neck of Lesnar. “You still got it” chants then rain down from the crowd.

Lesnar then counters an attack into yet another German Suplex. Lesnar, stalking Taker, grabs the Deadman before hitting another suplex. With the fight back on the outside, Taker takes the top off the French announce table before attempting a Last Ride. Lesnar counters into an F5 right through the table.

Lesnar rolls back into the ring with Taker down on the outside as the ref begins the 10 count. Undertaker barely beats the count, much to the chagrin of Lesnar who says, “I’ll kill you, you son of a bitch. Come on.”

As he gets picked up, Taker tells Lesnar “You’re going to half to” before grabbing Lesnar and chokeslamming him. Taker then hits the Tombstone Piledriver in the middle of the ring, but Lesnar kicks out at the last second.

Lesnar sat up Deadman style laughing. After a moment, Taker did the same thing, and taunted Lesnar with a laugh of his own.  As they fight in the corner, Lesnar locks in the Kimura Lock. Taker then countered into a Last Ride on Lesnar, but it was only good for a two count.

With both back on their feet, Lesnar hits Taker with an F5, but it’s only good for a two count. Lesnar hits a third F5, but yet another kick out. Taker catches Lesnar with Hell’s Gate in the middle of the right. With Paul Heyman pleading from the outside, Lesnar breaks out and locks in the Kimura Lock again.

With the lock locked in, Taker’s shoulders were down for a count of one. In error, the time keeper rung the bell, which led to the ref yelling about it. With the ref’s backed turn, Taker gave Lesnar the low blow, and locked in Hell’s Gate.

Lesnar began to fade, but gave Taker the middle finger before succumbing to the hold. The ref calls for the bell, giving the Taker the submission victory.

Winner by Submission: Undertaker

After the match, the commentary team hyped what we just saw as Taker walked out. Heyman pleaded his case to the ref while Lesnar looked on in disbelief. A replay seems to show Taker clearly tap, but the ref missed it. Heyman then goes to the bell and starts hammering it out before grabbing the mic shouting “No!” over and over.

Heyman then proclaims Lesnar to have won by submission. His music plays as he looks on from the ramp while the show comes to a close.

Thanks for watching along with us tonight! Join us tomorrow for Monday Night Raw!

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