WWE SummerSlam ‘Disaster’ At Stadium Stuns Fans

Disaster in the Desert! While WWE SummerSlam has so far gone out without a hitch, it has been the out-of-the-ring occurrences that have been worth monitoring so far. Media writer Peter Stringer recently took to social media via Twitter to voice a complaint regarding the Allegiant Stadium itself. This big star was ‘humiliated’ at WWE SummerSlam.



This complaint is because all concession stands in the stadium stopped due to the credit card machines in the building stopping, enraging fans. It should be noted that Allegiant Stadium is a cashless stadium, so fans can’t get anything food or drink wise.

Las Vegas Locally tweeted: – Cashless payment system down
– Concessions stopped
– WiFi dead
– Toilets overflowing
– PA system not working properly
– No pyrotechnics (this is a very big deal for wrestling fans)

In other news regarding WWE SummerSlam – during a recent interview with Recode Media, WWE President Nick Khan stated with WWE SummerSlam is on a Saturday and not a Sunday. Credit to Cultaholic for the below.

Peacock allows us to test a few things, in terms of dates. SummerSlam, that’s on Saturday. Traditionally, we’ve gone on Sunday with pay-per-views. We believe, on the sports calendar, there are certain days where there should be sports and there aren’t sports. We believe Saturday is one of those.

“Traditionally, we had not done that well in terms of box office in Las Vegas. If you speak of the Sunday connotation. No one has ever said, ‘Let’s go to Vegas and go crazy on a Sunday.’ (Vegas) is a Friday and Saturday night town. We thought Saturday would work for us in Vegas and the ticket sales are reflective of that. We have a big audience and a big gate.” This top WWE star was spotted with several AEW names before WWE SummerSlam.

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