WWE Supershow Report – Oct. 24th, 2009

WWE Supershow Report – October 24th, 2009
State College, Pennsylvania
Report by Kevin Tomich, F4Wonline.com



I just got back from the WWE Supershow on Saturday, October 24, 2009 at the Bryce Jordan Center on the campus of Penn State University. I’m not good with crowd estimates, but it seemed small to me.

The show started 4 minutes early as ring announcer Tony Chimel and referee Charles Robinson came out at 7:26pm. The National Anthem was played.

Match #1 – Evan Bourne vs. Chavo Guerrero

The crowd was hot for Evan Bourne. Chavo hit the 3-Amigos at the 7:15 mark and then went to the top rope. Hornswoggle came down the aisle (from the back) and Chavo (who came down from the ropes) pushed Hornswoggle down to the mat. Hornswoggle got up and was mad so he removed his Leprechaun jacket. Chavo grabbed him for a chokeslam, but Hornswoggle reversed it into a DDT. By this time, Evan Bourne had recovered and hit Air Bourne for the win at 8:22.

Winner: Evan Bourne in 8:22

At this point, Tony Chimel introduced “Guest Host” Savannah who was in the cheap seats with a family of four. She asked them what city Wrestlemania 26 would be held in and they got the answer (Phoenix) correct. They received four front row tickets (for tonight’s show) as their prize.

Match #2 – Yoshi Tatsu/Tyler Reks vs. Zach Ryder/Paul Burchill (no Katie Lea)

I enjoyed the members of the WWE Universe as they said “I’ve never even heard of these guys” to each other. Paul Burchill and Yoshi Tatsu started the match. On a side note, Yoshi and Ryder were both wearing purple, while Tyler and Burchill were both wearing red. Just seemed odd to me. Reks tagged in for a minute and then tagged back out to Yoshi. The heels got the heat on Tatsu who finally made the hot tag to Reks at 7:32 (Reks accidentally pulled his hand too fast and there was no actual tag made, but the ref ignored the blunder). Reks started cleaning house and then tried his diving clothesline (from the middle of the top rope) on Ryder, but he ducked. Reks hit the mat and Ryder finished him off with the Zach Attack. Ryder pinned Reks at 8:41.

Winners: Zach Ryder/Paul Burchill in 8:41

Tony Chimel plugged Wrestlemania 26 and reminds us that tickets go on sale Saturday, November 7 at Ticketmaster.

Match #3 – Jamie Noble vs. Matt Hardy

Jamie Noble came out first and cut a heel promo challenging anyone from the Smackdown brand. Matt Hardy came out to accept the challenge. Ok match. Noble came off the top rope and got caught with a kick to the gut and then the twist of fate. Matt Hardy pinned him in 8:43.

Winner: Matt Hardy in 8:43

Tony Chimel announced that the next match was sponsored by My Network TV.

Match #4 – Drew McIntyre vs. R-Truth

Drew McIntyre came out first and cut a heel promo because most people had no clue who he was. R-Truth came out “singing” and wore his belt with bells. Not much to the match. Drew McIntyre hit the double underhook DDT and got the win in just 4:21.

Winner: Drew McIntyre in 4:21

Match #5 – ECW Title Match – William Regal (Challenger) vs. Christian (ECW Champion)

Regal is great. This was the first match since the opener that the crowd seemed into. At the 5-minute mark, Regal asks for the microphone and rips on Penn State. The crowd starts chanting “WE ARE…Penn State”. Christian walks over to the referee and asks what the fans are chanting. He tells him “We are Penn State”. Christian confirms it again and then asks for the microphone himself. Christian says “Regal, in case you can’t hear my Peeps, they’re chanting We Are Penn State.” It was funny that Christian had no idea what the chant was. Oh well. Christian won with the Killswitch in 13:54.

Winner: (and still ECW Champion) Christian in 13:54

It is now 8:41pm, and Tony Chimel brings two young boys (Dakota & Mason) from the WWE Universe into the ring to throw t-shirts out to the crowd. He also plugs WWE ShopZone stands and some other merch.

—–10 Minute Intermission—–

Match #6 – Rosa Mendez/Katie Lea Burchill vs. The Bella Twins

Katie Lea starts the match with Bree. Please know that Rosa is very attractive in person. Bellas did a double dropkick and a double baseball slide. Ricky & Robert they are not. The Bellas did the old switcheroo behind the ref’s back and won with a small package in 6:20.

Winners: The Bella Twins in 6:20

Match #7 – Non-Title Match – The Miz (United States Champion) vs. John Morrison (Intercontinental Champion)

This is a preview of their match tomorrow night at Bragging Rights. The Miz was wearing a mouthguard like Kurt Angle. I couldn’t tell if it said “Awesome” or “The Miz”. This seemed like they were just practicing for tomorrow. I really enjoyed the match though. Eventually, Miz seemed to run out of offense and was just kicking and stomping. For no real reason (frustration that he couldn’t put Morrison away perhaps?), Miz went out of the ring and grabbed his belt to use as a weapon. The ref DQ’d The Miz at the 14 minute mark. After the match, John Morrison hit the Starship Pain. The crowd enjoyed chanting “husky” at The Miz.

Winner: John Morrison by disqualification in 14:00

Tony Chimel thanked us for coming to the event.

Match #8 – MAIN EVENT – Legacy (DiBiase/Rhodes/Orton) vs. John Cena/MVP/WSM (Mark Henry)

This match started at 9:28pm. Orton and Cena were barely in the ring. I don’t blame them since they have to go 60 minutes tomorrow night. Anyways, Ted and Cody got the heat on MVP forever. Finally, Cena got the hot tag at 16:10. Mark Henry chased Orton out of the ring and to the back. Cena hit the attitude adjuster on Cody Rhodes and pinned him at 17:12.

Winners: John Cena/MVP/WSM (Mark Henry) in 17:12

After the match, Cena went around the ring posing for photos, signing autographs, and slapping hands. He was way over.

It was an ok show. Not much of a SUPER show if you ask me.

Here is the advertisement sent out this afternoon:

Bryce Jordan Center – John Cena, Mark Henry & MVP vs. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase in a 6-Man Tag Team Match TONIGHT at the BJC. The card also includes Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Christian, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, The Bella Twins & many more!

No shows include Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, & Shelton Benjamin. Oh well.

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