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WWE superstar Asuka escapes shooting in Las Vegas Mall


WWE superstar Asuka has revealed that she was in a Las Vegas Mall during a shooting incident and managed to escape the situation unharmed.

The current women’s tag team champion revealed the news on Twitter where she posted about her experience earlier today and Asuka also revealed how she escaped:

According to reports, the shooting took place after a group of young people got into a disagreement at the mall and then one of them pulled out a gun.

The teenage shooter then opened fire at the crowd. Though thankfully there were no fatalities in the incident and reports suggest that only 2 people were injured.

Becky Lynch had recently challenged Asuka for a match at Royal Rumble and the two stars are now scheduled to face each other in a singles bout at the PPV this Sunday.

  • Dirt McGirt

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  • Dirt McGirt

    I agree, but there are waaaay too many “progressives” out there that would rather defend the known guilty than protect the lives of the innocent.

  • Derrick Karner

    People shouldn’t be in prison for selling a product consensually and voluntarily. This includes drugs, alcohol fatty or sugary foods, big sodas or cigarettes. People ought to decide for their own bodies not the government. A lot of these things are unhealthy but it’s their lives which is why I have no sympathy for people who overdose or get diabetes. But it should be at their own hand and not be the government thinks so. Giving cops and the government power to decide what we put into our bodies is why the government has the power to tell us who we have to sell or rent our homes to or hire and who we are forced to accept in our schools.

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  • Dirt McGirt

    There is no one innocent in any of what I just said. Gang members belong in prison. Drug dealers belong in prison. Those who sell drugs to children should actually be put to death. Those who commit gun violence belong in prison. This country would be 1000% better without those people on the street. Then we wouldn’t need as many police and could address the other problems we have like our soldiers’ homelessness and mental health issues. We waste a lot of resources trying to “rehab” trash individuals who need to be thrown away.

  • Dirt McGirt

    No, you’re right. Gang members are known for marrying a woman, and then getting her pregnant, all the while staying out of jail.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Many people involved in gangs create single parent families. They knock up the girl and take off.

  • Sparti Love

    What does Single Parent Households have to do with your statement?

  • Luke

    It’s testament to the kind of person you are that you equate single-parent households with gangs…

  • Derrick Karner

    The problem with this is of course innocent citizens are going to be persecuted for not filling in a form “correctly” or because the government doesn’t like you talking about Christian values or freedom, but of course the people who commit a disproportionately high amount of violence and ruin every neighborhood they move to will get a pass. The government rather disarm innocent citizens than focus on stopping these few groups from reigning terror. You’re wrong about drugs because the war on drugs is what fuels violence as the government thinks it has a right to tell people what they can and can not do with their bodies and this is used as a pretext to violate our other fundamental rights, including forcing these dangerous groups on us through diversity laws. End the war on drugs and maybe the cops could focus on deterring these rapists, murderers and thieves, containing the one group that commits the most violence in the world, anywhere in the world including Chicago, Las Vegas, Rio, Paris and Haiti, and deporting the illegals who commit a disproportionately high amount of the mentioned, second only the first. We all know who these groups are and what the news reporter means when he or she says “youths” but we have been conditioned to pretend that’s not the case or make excuses.

  • Dirt McGirt

    We need to have laws in place that will incarcerated anyone between the ages of 14-40 for a mandatory twenty years with twenty years on paper for ANY gun related, gang related, drug related activity, of theft of any kind. First screw up when you get out, you go back for another five years. We need to basically throw away an entire generation and end gangs, single parent households, and the ghettos. If those people are incarcerated, they can’t perpetuate the cycle.