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WWE Superstars criticize comments about Peyton Royce made by Dave Meltzer

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez were discussing the difference between the IIconics’ NXT and main roster runs. While, initially, Meltzer criticized their time on Smackdown Live, stating that their promos and matches haven’t been as engaging as they were back on the Yellow Brand, a comment about Peyton Royce’s looks put him in hot water with the wrestling community.

I think Peyton Royce’s transformation…to look more attractive..I don’t want to say. She looked more attractive in NXT. She was a lot lighter.

Alvarez clarified to the listeners that they weren’t saying she’s unattractive. However, that didn’t stop the wrestling community from coming down hard on Meltzer, including Royce, who said that comments like these can negatively affect young women for years.

Royce’s co-workers, both past and present, and other members of the wrestling community quickly came to her defense.

Meltzer did apologize, saying that Royce is indeed attractive and that he understands the pressure women are under in the entertainment industry.

However, many wrestling personalities and fans didn’t feel the apology was authentic, such as Tyler Breeze, though he wanted to emphasize on the point that this is a learning experience for Dave Meltzer.

Peyton Royce, as of yet, hasn’t responded to Meltzer’s apology.

  • MT McGee

    If you say so.

  • Charlie Bronson

    Yeah I’m pretty sure you aren’t using that word correctly.

  • Dirt McGirt

    First off, “health at any size” is a lie. Secondly, he was probably referring to her implants, which, for the record, she looked better without.

  • oppa

    Yet most of these people didn’t say a word when Hogan offended the Black people in the locker room. Very interesting that body shaming is wrong but giving a fake apology for racist remarks is okay.

  • Wicka Steve

    If Peyton stopped eating dessert and upped her cardio, she’d have her abs back in two weeks. She’s only crying because either she’s lazy and doesn’t want to work hard or she’s on her period. Either way, suck it up and put your big girl pants on.

  • rob

    just a bunch of crybabys, that´s all

  • MT McGee

    I know a troll when I see one. If you don’t like what I have to say, leave.

  • Charlie Bronson

    LMAO! Hey I was sticking up for you and your “rights to not be asked or tell”. On a serious note though, jokes about consenting adults is one thing (and perfectly fine) but there is no humor in child abuse. I understand you are upset but even you can do better than making light of children being abused.

  • MT McGee

    Could not be more wrong, but thank you for your worthless opinion.

  • MT McGee

    No it does not. One of the biggest fallacy in the world today is that everyone’s opinion is valid and equal. If I have a heart attack and I have a heart doctor and a ten year old in the room, am I going to ask the ten year old for his opinion? No, because it has no merit nor any value in the situation. My comment does not reek of hypocrisy. Is Joe fat? Yes. It does little to adversely affect his look though. Sit ups do help because it increases core temp which helps burn fat. Being an athlete has nothing to do with knowledge. I don’t need a degree in sociology to know the way the mid-east treats women is wrong.

  • MT McGee

    Why don’t you keep your nose out of my business, this doesn’t concern you. Btw, if you’re here, who’s abusing your children?

  • Charlie Bronson

    Pizza should never have fruit on it

  • Charlie Bronson

    He is very right, you don’t know what kind of women he can get. That said, his catty comments about women’s clothing suggests those “women” he gets could be men. There is nothing wrong with that, you didn’t know that and he didn’t share. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • gar216

    A. Peyton looks fine.

    B. All of this outrage is coming from the people who work for a company who made Mickie James dress up as a Pig 10 years ago.

    C. WWE superstars can’t have it both ways. They can’t only be athletes when it benefits them. It is very common for a journalist to comment on an “athlete” and their weight fluctuating. Mainly if it impacts their performance.

    D. I didn’t listen to the clip for context or tone, but when I read the quote, I honestly took “lighter” as in “lighter on her feet”. Meaning that she is looking sluggish. My head didn’t even go to her gaini g weight because to me I hadn’t noticed any tremendous weight gain.

  • Gitch

    Sick burn Luke. MT McGee you suck, man.

    You’re probably the type of guy that, when at a party when somebody is ordering pizza, you make a big stink about them having to order a Hawaiian pizza, and they do even though nobody else is down for a Hawaiian pizza. Then we the pizza finally shows up, you’re chowing on every other pizza except the damn Hawaiian pizza.

    You’re just as evil as Tommaso Ciampa, man.

    Have a mediocre day.

  • Luke

    His opinion is of much value as yours. You’re both non-entities commenting on a website.

    Suggesting this person needs to work on her gut while suggesting Samoa Joe is fine the way he is reeks of hypocrisy, and anybody with half a brain knows that situps don’t actually do anything to burn off belly fat, so I’m going to go ahead and guess you’re not an athlete either.

  • Luke

    Friends supporting each other is fine.

    Saying someone is an idiot for saying idiotic things is also fine. If you don’t want a strong public reaction, then don’t air your lousy opinions in public.

  • MT McGee

    Your opinion is of no value. And you have no idea the type of women I’ve gotten, so you’re only proving your ignorance there. You can be a good weight and not be a stick, just look at Bayley or Sasha Banks or Becky or Mickey. And KO is too heavy, the man looks prego. Samoa Joe is a different story than KO, the two aren’t analogous. I’ve never professed to be an all-star athlete, but I guarantee you I am faster on foot than either Joe or KO.

  • Rinn13

    There was no real reason for him to bring up her looks, however, the amount of (mostly women) coming out and telling her “Oh no honey, you’re SO pretty and smart and amazing etc.” is semi-embarrassing. Some shmuck like Meltzer says some words, and what, she needs therapy now?

    I think he said something pointless and arguably dumb. But people, as they so often do now, also seriously overreacted.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    They look better than anything you can get. And I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in watching sticks wrestle. That’s like complaining because KO is heavy. Who cares. Samoan Joe could put perform you in any sport in the world and hes definitely considered “overweight”.

  • MT McGee

    He’s not wrong. The girl wears control top tights now. She needs to do some situps and take Ember Moon with her.