WWE Superstars Report – August 26th

WWE Superstars on WGN America
Taped in Los Angeles and Fresno, CA.



[Q1] The opening montage was aired and the Raw team welcomed us to Superstars…

1. William Regal defeated Goldust in 10:30. Both men lock up and Goldust went for an early cover for an one count. Both men exchanged wrist locks and Regal grabbed the ropes. Regal got on offense by throwing some stiff shots and worked on Goldust’s arm. Regal threw Goldust out of the ring to the commercial break…[C]

The show returned with Goldust suplexing Regal back in the ring and gave him six rounds of haymakers in the corner. Regal pleaded with Goldust and he continued to get on offense until Regal hit Goldust hard and landed a knee in Goldust’s head for multiple nearfalls.

Regal applied a chinlock to Goldust and Goldust broke out but he caught an uppercut to the face for a nearfall. Regal went back to the chinlock and both men exchanged punches and uppercuts to some good crowd reaction.
Goldust botched an bulldog for an nearfall. Regal hit a hangman to the running knee to the face for the win.

[Q2] The NXT highlights were shown and McIntyre and Masters is the main event for the night. [C]

Still pictures of WWE’s trip to China were shown and the Smackdown team took over for the rest of the show. The Gatecrashers got some heat and the Dudebusters got some pumped out heat which babyfaces should get…

2. The Dudebusters defeated Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins in 5:00. Barretta and Hawkins started the match. Hawkins picked on Baretta but Baretta hit a nice dropkick to Hawkins. The DBs worked together on Hawkins and Archer got in the matchup and started to dominate.

Both heels worked on Croft in and out of the ring. Croft got back in the match with some blows but the heels worked together on Croft. Archer hit an big boot to Croft and choked him out on the rope.

Hawkins hit a stiff boot to Croft’s head when the referee wasn’t looking. Archer applied an chin lock and Croft got back in the match with a chinbuster. Baretta got back in the match with an tag and an knee to Archer’s chin. Baretta hit a missile dropkick for a nearfall. Rapid fire offense was done and Baretta won the match with Slice Bread DDT…[Q3][C]

An Undertaker hype video was shown and the Raw rebound was shown. Drew McIntyre made his entrance for his match, next…[C]

Chris Masters made his entrance and I still don’t understand how he main events Superstars so often and jobs…

3. Drew McIntyre defeated Chris Masters in 14:30. Both men lock up and Drew shoves Masters. They lock up again and Masters converted to an wrist lock. Masters went for the Master Lock early but Drew crawled to the corner. Drew got up and worked on Masters in the corner with stomps and punches. Drew gloated and Masters got back on offense. Masters hit a shoulder block off the middle rope and knocked Drew outside of the ring.

[Q4] Masters worked on drew by the announcer’s booth but Drew pushed Masters into the ring post. Drew hit a big boot and slammed Masters ankle into the ring post. Drew told the referee to count him out and Masters made the count. Drew continued to stomp Master’s ankle. Masters tried to get back on offense but Drew continued the attack for multiple nearfalls. Drew hit an leg whip to Masters to the commercial break…[C]

The show returned with Drew still dominating Masters. Drew continued the attack on Masters with a toe hold submission. Drew went for a figure four, but Masters countered into an Samoan Drop. Masters got some offense in with multiple clotheslines and a double-A spinebuster for a nearfall. Masters chopped up Drew and hit a botched neckbreaker for a nearfall.

Drew continued the attack by stomping Masters leg. Masters limped up and hit an power slam to Drew and locked in the Master Lock, but Drew threw him out of the ring. Drew rammed Masters into the security railing. Masters continued to limp and Drew hit the Future Shock DDT for the win.

Source: prowrestling.net

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