WWE Superstars Report – Nov. 19th, 2009

WWE Superstars Report – November 19th, 2009
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider



We start off tonight’s show with a match from ECW. We see the events that led to tonight’s match from ECW.

Match Number One: Shelton Benjamin versus Zack Ryder with Rosa Mendes

Ryder goes to the floor as soon as the bell rings to try to get into Benjamin’s head. Ryder stares at Rosa and that allows Benjamin to bring Ryder into the ring. Benjamin blocks a kick and he punches Ryder and follows that with a short arm clothesline and a suplex. Benjamin gets a near fall. Ryder with a knee and forearms to the back followed by a suplex attempt but Benjamin lands on his feet and he hits a neck breaker. Benjamin with a reverse chin lock. Benjamin with a Samoan drop to Ryder and gets a near fall. Benjamin with an arm bar and chin lock on Ryder. Ryder gets to the ropes and Benjamin is punched when the referee separates them. Ryder with punches to Benjamin followed by a take down for a near fall. Benjamin with a punch to Ryder followed by a knee to the head. Benjamin gets too close to the ropes and Ryder tries to send Benjamin to the floor but Benjamin skins the cat and sends Ryder to the floor with a back body drop. Benjamin goes to the floor but Ryder side steps him and then he sends Benjamin into the ring steps. We go to commercial.

We are back and Ryder with a splash onto Benjamin’s back while Benjamin is over the ropes. Ryder gets a near fall as we see Rosa sitting by the announce table. Ryder with chin lock and he isolates the arm. Ryder turns it into a seated abdominal stretch. Benjamin with elbows but Ryder with a knee to Benjamin for a near fall. Ryder returns to the chin lock. Benjamin with punches but Ryder with a knee and Irish whip but Benjamin lands on the turnbuckles and hits a cross body. Benjamin with a punch to Ryder followed by an Irish whip and Stinger Splash. Each man tries for a cross body and both men go down.

Meanwhile, Rosa has a call and she tries to get Zack’s attention. Benjamin tries for a splash in the corner but Zack moves out of the way and Benjamin avoids Rosa by landing on the turnbuckles. Ryder pulls Benjamin off the turnbuckles and gets the three count.
Winner: Zack Ryder

Time for Ask the Divas.

We see Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase in the locker room as we go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the Battle of the BFFs Smackdown Edition between Rey Mysterio and Batista.

It is now time for the Smackdown contribution to Superstars.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and she throws out some vintage Excuse Mes. Vickie introduces the love of her life and the man she is going to take to the top. Eric Escobar.

Match Number Two: Eric Escobar with Vickie Guerrero versus Jimmy Wang Yang

They lock up and Escobar with forearms to Yang but he misses a short arm clothesline. Yang lands on his feet on a hip toss attempt and then he connects with a series of kicks. Escobar sends Yang into the turnbuckles and he punches Yang while the referee admonishes him. Escobar with a back Russian leg sweep and then he puts Yang in an dragon sleeper. Yang with a knee to Escobar but Escobar drops a few knees on Yang and then hits a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Escobar punches Yang and the referee pulls him out of the corner. Escobar charges into an elbow and then Yang with a cross body and both men are down. Yang punches and kicks Escobar. Yang with an Irish whip and he hits the spinning heel kick into the corner followed by a cross body for a two count. Escobar sends Yang into the corner but Yang with a kick. Yang goes up top for a moonsault but Escobar goes to the floor. Vickie distracts Yang and Escobar sweeps the leg on the apron. Escobar with a Yakuza Kick for the three count.
Winner: Eric Escobar

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Drew McIntyre video package.

It is time for Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole to take a look back at Raw in Madison Square Garden and the history of the WWWF/WWF/WWE and Madison Square Garden

It is time to run through the card for the Survivor Series.

It is time for the Superstars Main Event and it is from the Raw brand.

We see what happened on Monday between Mark and Cody during Ted DiBiase’s match with Montel Vontavious Porter.

Match Number Three: Cody Rhodes versus Mark Henry

Cody with a punch to Henry and Mark shakes it off. Cody avoids a punch from Henry and backs into the ropes and backpedals from Henry. Cody tries for a kick but Henry blocks it and throws Cody to the mat and Cody backs into the corner. Cody and Mark have some words and Mark wants Cody to hit him and Cody with a forearm but Henry tries to press slam Rhodes but Cody with a rake of the eyes. Henry with a shoulder tackle but Cody with a kick to Henry and then Cody goes up top to press slam Rhodes. Henry with a clothesline and Rhodes goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Henry misses a clothesline and back elbow but Henry does not miss with a boot. Cody returns to the floor and Henry goes to the floor after him. Rhodes plays possum and Rhodes with a drop kick into the steps and they hit Henry’s knees. Rhodes pulls Henry to the apron but Henry with a head butt. Rhodes goes for a clip and Henry goes down. Cody with a near fall but Henry with an emphatic kick out. Cody works on the ankle. Henry sends Cody into the turnbuckles. Cody with a drop kick to the knees and Henry goes down again. Rhodes with a knee drop from the turnbuckles and Henry goes to the floor. Cody punches Henry on the floor but Henry pie faces Rhodes. They return to the ring and Cody kicks Henry some more. Rhodes continues to work on the knee but he can only get a two count. Cody with a DDT to the leg and a low cross body for a near fall. Rhodes with a step over toe hold and Henry kicks Rhodes to the floor. Henry with a body block and head butts. Henry with a back body drop followed by an Irish whip. Henry with a shoulder when Cody charges at him. Henry picks up Cody and hits the World’s Strongest Slam for the three count.
Winner: Mark Henry

We go to credits.

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