WWE Superstars Report – Sept. 10th, 2009

WWE Superstars Report – September 10th, 2009
Report by Prowrestling.net, Chris Shore



[Q1]The opening video aired, followed by Kane’s pyro and music. He made his way to the ring as Todd Grisham and Jim Ross started on commentary. Yang was out next…

1. Kane squashed Jimmy Wang Yang at 2:14. Yang hit several strikes to start, but Kane finally leveled him. He pinned Yang in the corner and stomped him. Kane worked his power offense of mostly strikes. He hit a sidewalk slam and followed with the chokeslam for the win. Post match a video recapped the 14 moves in the match.

After the video, Kane went under the ring and, well look. There’s a kendo stick there. Kane got back in the ring and, in the words of JR, “Beat Jimmy Wang Yang like a government mule.” Kane left the ring and we were treated to pictures of whelps on Yang’s back…The announce team hyped the tag team main event…[C]

Back from commercial, Sheamus made his ring entrance as Josh Matthews and Matt Striker took over on commentary. Mario’s pet was out next…

2. Sheamus defeated Yoshi Tatsu at 4:33. Yoshi hit a hip toss and motioned for Sheamus to bring it. Sheamus slapped him and Yoshi went nuts. He tossed Sheamus to the floor and went for a plancha. Sheamus moved and Yoshi landed on the apron. Sheamus swept the legs and took control. He worked strikes and holds on Yoshi’s back. He hit a back suplex for two.

[Q2]Sheamus continued to work the back, but Yoshi hit a kick out of nowhere. He continued to kick Sheamus and then hit an inside cradle for two. Yoshi hit chops and a spinning heel kick for two. Yoshi charged at Sheamus in the corner and Sheamus hit a big boot. He followed with his finisher, a Rock Bottom into a backbreaker across the leg, called the Irish Curse for the win…Backstage, the Bella twins were shown heading towards the ring…[C]

Back from commercial, Katie Lea made her entrance. Nikki is the official participant in this match and she came out with Brie…

3. Nikki Bella (w/Brie) defeated Katie Lea Burchill at 3:33. Collar and elbow tie up led to Nikki monkey flipping Katie. Nikki hit several shots and tried for a flying cross body, but Katie caught her and hit a spinning backbreaker for one. Katie worked heel moves, choking Nikki in the corner. She hit another backbreaker for two and slapped on a chin lock. Nikki made her feet, but Katie slammed her. Katie argued with Brie and Nikki rolled up for two.

Nikki hit a couple of strikes but got clotheslined for her troubles. Katie just manhandled Nikki and whipped her to the corner. Katie charged in and Nikki moved. Katie stopped before hitting the corner and grabbed Nikki. Nikki kicked her away and rolled out of the ring. Brie climbed to the top as the ref watched Katie. Brie hit a cross body for the win. Post match, a video recapped the ending…The announce team hyped the main event…[C]

[Q3]A Legacy hype video played…Ringside, JR and Grisham introed a video of the return of the Undertaker from last Friday…The announce team hyped the Taker/Punk and Cena/Orton matches at Breaking Point. Backstage, Dolph Ziggler was shown getting ready for his match…[C]

Back from commercial, Ziggler made his entrance as JR and Grisham stayed on commentary. Jesse…uh…Slam Master J was out next. The announce team pointed out he was undefeated at 1-0. I shit you not…

4. Dolph Ziggler defeated Slam Master J at 3:57. Jeezy started out with an armbar. Ziggler escaped and hit a shoulder tackle but ate a clothesline. Jeezy whipped Ziggler to the corner and charged in. Ziggler tossed him over the top, but Jeezy landed on his feet. He hit Ziggler and climbed the ropes, but Ziggler knocked him to the floor. He went and got Jeezy and rolled him into the ring.

Ziggler hit a jumping elbow for two and locked in a chinlock. He rolled into a headstand to apply more pressure and went back to the chinlock. Jeezy made his feet and rolled up Ziggler for two. He hit a shoulder tackle for two. Ziggler hit a chin buster and then there was a weird cut in the video. Ziggler hit the Zig-Zag for the win.

[Q4]Post match, a video recapped the ending of the match…The announce team hyped the main event…[C]

Back from commercial,Jack Swagger made his entrance as Michael “P. Cole-train” and Jerry “The King” Lawler took over on commentary. The Miz was out next, followed by Primo and Kingston who came out to a really nice pop. Hear that Vince? That means he’s over…

5. Jack Swagger and The Miz defeated Primo Colon and Kofi Kingston at 5:06. Kingston and Swagger started off. Kofi started with as headlock that Swagger reversed. Kofi escaped and got shoulder tackled. Swagger ran the ropes. Kofi tried a leap frog but Swagger caught him. Kofi escaped into a sunset flip, but Swagger pulled him up and pushed him off the ropes. He tried for a hip toss, but Kofi grabbed the arm and hit a monkey flip for two.

He tagged in Primo who hit a leg sweep and a leg drop for two. Swagger reversed a whip to the corner and charged in. Primo kicked him and then hit a springboard missile dropkick for two. Swagger picked up Primo and put him in the corner. Primo elbowed Miz and escaped, but Swagger hit a gut buster followed by the gut wrench powerbomb. Kofi broke the count so Swagger tagged in Miz.

Miz choked Primo on the ropes and then slammed him. He kicked Primo in the face and locked in a chinlock. Primo fought out, but Miz stopped the tag and knocked Kofi to the floor. Primo ducked a clothesline and hit a side Russian leg sweep on Miz. Kofi got the hot tag and cleaned house. He mounted Miz for the 10 punches. Swagger came to the corner but dropped to the floor before Kofi could hit him. Kofi slammed Miz and went for his Boom Boom leg drop. Swagger pulled Miz to the floor to prevent it.

Kofi went for a plancha and Swagger moved so Kofi only took out Miz. Primo ran across the ring and dove through the ropes onto Swagger. Kofi rolled Miz back in the ring and hit a high cross body for two. Miz reversed a whip as Swagger climbed up on the apron. He and Kofi collided and Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. Post match a video recapped from the planchas forward. The heels celebrated on the ramp to end the show…

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