WWE Superstars Report – September 3rd, 2009

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Trump Reveals Who Saw Shooter Before…

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WWE Superstars Report – September 3rd, 2009
Report by PWInsider, Richard Trionfo



We begin tonight with a Raw match.

Match Number One: Evan Bourne versus Chris Masters

Masters pie faces Bourne as the match starts but Bourne with a kick to the leg. Bourne tries for another kick but this time to the head but Masters avoids it. Masters scolds Bourne. Masters with a knee and forearm to the back followed by a punch to the head. Masters with an elbow to the head but Bourne lands on his feet on a hip toss attempt. Bourne tries for a drop toe hold but Masters stays on his feet. Masters sends Bourne into the turnbuckles and then he connects with an elbow. Masters with an Irish whip but he misses the charge. Bourne with an elbow and kick but Masters with a clothesline and Bourne is down. Masters with a leg drop to the solar plexus and he gets a near fall. Masters misses a leg drop when Bourne moves. Bourne is sent to the apron but Bourne with an elbow and a missile drop kick for a near fall. Masters with a kick and short arm clothesline and then he punches Bourne in the head as he takes the mount. Bourne with a kick and punches but Masters with a back elbow. Masters with a forearm to the back as he gets ready for the Master Lock. Masters with punches to the head and a kick to the ribs. Masters with a back breaker and then he stretches Bourne on his knee. Bourne with a head scissors and a kick to the knee. Bourne goes up top but Masters gets Bourne up for a press slam but turns it into a back breaker. Bourne rolls to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Masters has Bourne in a Torture Rack but Bourne tries for a sunset flip but Masters stays up and sends Bourne into the turnbuckles. Masters with more kicks to Bourne. Masters with a knee in the corner and then he hits a double sledge to the back. Masters has Bourne on his shoulder for a back breaker and Bourne tries to escapes and he gets to the ropes to get to his feet. Masters with a clothesline. Bourne with an inside cradle for a near fall. Bourne with kicks to Masters that stagger him. Bourne with more kicks and a forearm. Masters sends Bourne into the corner and Bourne hits a rana and then a clothesline for a near fall. Masters with a shoulder in the corner. Bourne tries for a cross body but Masters catches him and tries for the Master Lock but Bourne escapes the hold. Masters goes into the ring post and Bourne with a knee to the head. Bourne with a shooting star press for the three count.
Winner: Evan Bourne

William Regal and Team Bromance are walking in the back as we go to commercial. The ECW brand match is next. Get your thesauruses ready.

Match Number Two: William Regal with Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov versus Tyler Reks

They lock up and Regal works on the arm and wrist but Reks reverses. Reks with a punch to the arm and then he continues to work on the wrist. Regal backs Reks into the corner and then he connects with a forearm. Reks with a hard Irish whip and Regal goes down awkwardly. Reks tries to pull Regal out of the corner but the referee stops him. Reks with a slam to Regal and Regal is in a lot of pain. Reks with a side head lock but Regal with a European uppercut. Reks maintains control and hits a suplex for a near fall. Reks returns to the side head lock and Reks with a shoulder. Reks runs into a knee in the corner and Regal with a forearm. Regal with a kick to the back and then he drapes Reks over the apron and Regal with a European uppercut. Regal returns to the ring and he hits a back elbow as Reks comes off the ropes. Regal with a key lock and Regal locks his hands to add more pressure. Reks gets to his feet but Regal with a knee to stop him. Regal with a European uppercut and a cravate. Regal goes for a side head lock and he follows that with a knee. Reks tries for a back slide and gets a near fall. Regal with a half nelson on the mat and then he turns it in to a modified cobra clutch. Reks and Regal exchange forearms but Regal with a knee and he sends Reks to the floor. Reks with a shoulder from the apron and then he drops Regal on the top rope. Reks misses a springboard cross body and Regal with the knee to the head for the three count.
Winner: William Regal

After the match Kozlov gives Reks a spinebuster slam. Regal tells Jackson to join in and he gives Reks a uranage.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package for Big Show and Chris Jericho.

It is time for the Raw Rebound . . . Eef ya wheel.

We go to commercial.

It is now time for the main event from the main brand, Smackdown.

We are back and did you know that WWEClassics.com has a lot of matches (and Jared is pulling out his hair over that)

Match Number Three: Cryme Tyme and Eve versus the Hart Dynasty

JTG and Kidd start things off but Smith tags in before they lock up. They lock up and Smith pushes JTG away. They lock up again and JTG with a hammer lock but Smith reverses. JTG tries to reverse it but Smith with an arm drag. They lock up and Smith with knees to JTG. JTG with a sliding punch to the head followed by a drop kick. JTG with a punch but Smith with a slam and then he kicks JTG in the back. Smith with a European uppercut but JTG with a drop kick to the back and then he hits a modified X Factor for a near fall. Shad tags in and he is sent into Smith in the corner. Smith with a kick and Natalya is tagged in so that means Eve enters the match. Natalya with a double leg take down and a front face lock. Eve with a hammer lock and side head lock. Natalya with elbows to the midsection. Natalya sends Eve to the mat and then she applies a sleeper. Natalya continues to work on the neck and then puts Eve in an abdominal stretch. Eve with a drop kick after escaping the hold. Kidd tags in and Shad enters too. Kidd with a drop kick and kicks followed by an elbow to the head. Shad tosses Kidd over his head but Kidd lands on his feet. Shad with a clothesline to Kidd. Shad with a forearm to Kidd and JTG tags in. JTG with a slingshot shoulder for a near fall. Kidd goes to the floor and then he tags in Smith but JTG did not see it. Smith with a clip to JTG and we go to commercial.

We are back and Smith has JTG in a single leg crab and then he sends JTG’s knee into the mat. Kidd tags in and they continue to work on the leg. Smith with a kick to the leg and then he tags Kidd back in and he works on the ankle and knee. Kidd misses an elbow drop on the knee but Kidd keeps JTG from tagging in. JTG kicks Kidd away but Smith tags in and he keeps JTG in the ring and he applies an ankle lock. JTG sends Smith into the ropes and Shad tags in and he hits a few clotheslines followed by an elbow. Shad knocks Kidd off the apron and then Shad with a hot shot and then he hits a flying double thrust from the turnbuckles but Shad can only get a two count. Natalya makes the tag and Shad is not happy. Eve with a leap frog and back kick followed by a drop kick and a flip leg drop but Kidd pulls Eve off. Shad with a clothesline that sends Kidd over the top rope to the floor. JTG takes care of Smith. Eve with a leg lariat but she misses a handspring moonsault allowing Natalya to get the three count with a discus clothesline.
Winners: Hart Dynasty

We go to credits.