WWE Superstars Share Their Idea Of Hell, Moon Deletes Tweet Revealing Disorder

– To promote Hell in a Cell on Oct. 28, WWE.com asked Superstars to give their thoughts on what hell means to them.



Dolph Ziggler states, “Being stuck in the middle seat of a plane ride overseas, with a large person who should have purchased two seats on one side and a screaming baby on the other. I don’t like people talking loudly, crying or sweating on me. That would be a horrific experience for me, aka my hell.”

Ziggler’s manager, Vickie Guerrero, adds, “Hell? (laughs) It’s a place where AJ Lee plays in her playground.”

Tyson Kidd states, “Well, definitely being stuck in a bizarre world where I compete against Yoshi Tatsu every day and then having to listen to Michael Cole’s commentary while I workout and travel.”

Also offering their thoughts are World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, United States Champion Antonio Cesaro, Drew McIntyre and Johnny Curtis. The article is available here.

– WWE developmental wrestler Skyler Moon, formerly known as Buggy Nova on the independent wrestling circuit, revealed Tuesday afternoon via Twitter that she has an eating disorder after it was reported last week that she had checked into a rehabilitation center. Her message was deleted shortly thereafter.

He statement reads, “For all the rumors and speculations, I do not have a drug problem, I have an eating disorder. Thank you all for the love and support!! I will b back stronger then ever 🙂 soon!!!!! I love you guys thanks for having my back. I’m not ashamed of my disease, i’m blessed to want to make myself better.”

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