WWE Superstars TV Report – July 16th, 2009

WWE Superstars Report – July 16th, 2009
Report by Prowrestling.net, Chris Shore



[Q1]The opening video aired, followed by Cryme Tyme’s entrance. They came out with Eve. Todd Grisham and Jim Ross welcomed us to Superstars. Grisham said he and JR lived the “thug life.” JR said, “Everything’s good in my hood.” Oh dear Christ. The Hart Dynasty were out next…

1. Cryme Tyme w/Eve defeated The Hart Dynasty at 9:22. Smith and Shad started off. The first collar and elbow led to a dirty break by Smith, but Shad hit several clotheslines. He teased his finisher, but Smith broke it up. Kidd got a blind tag and Shad shoulder tackled Smith. He rolled to the floor. Shad gorilla pressed Kidd and then slammed him. He hit a clothesline to send Kidd to the floor. He and Smith recovered into the break…[C]

Back at 4:47, Shad was still working on Kidd. Kidd hit a chop block and tagged in Smith who went straight to work on the leg. He tagged Kidd back in and they went in and out, working on Shad’s leg in the corner. Lots of rest holds to extend the match. Kidd had a half figure four (a figure two?) locked in. Shad kicked Kidd to the floor and got the hot tag at 8:37.

JTG hit several fast moves and covered Kidd. Smith made the save. Shad recovered and took Smith to the floor. Natalya climbed to the apron and Eve pulled her off and stomped her ringside. JTG hit a wristlock into a backbreaker for the win. Post match, Cryme Tyme and Eve celebrated in the ring as the Harts retreated. Natty was pissed…The announce team hyped the Kingston/Show main event…Rey Mysterio was shown backstage, heading towards the ring. He has a promo next…[C]

[Q2]Rey Mysterio made his ring entrance in street clothes. He cut a promo about beating Jericho and then went off into Spanish. He showed a video of Ziggler and Edge attacking him last week on Smackdown. He started in Spanish again and Ziggler came out with a mic. He got mad heat, I mean borderline Vickie Guerrero heat. He said after last week, no one would forget his name. Rey called him a peacock. Rey put over his experience. Ziggler asked him if he seriously thought Rey could beat him. Rey called him into the ring.

Ziggler dared Rey to put the belt up at Night of Champions. Rey accepted. He said he couldn’t wait to introduce Ziggler to the 619. He took his shirt off and motioned for Ziggler to get in the ring. Ziggler climbed the stairs and then went to walk away. Rey slid out and chased him around the ring. Ziggler slipped into the ring and Rey followed and attacked. Ziggler escaped and jumped over the top rope and ran to the back. Mysterio celebrated in the ring…


Back from commercial, Katie Lea Burchill made her entrance as Josh Matthews and Matt Striker took over on commentary. A video showed the Bella swap on ECW. Brie and Nikki made their ring entrance…

2. Brie Bella w/Nikki defeated Katie Lea Burchill at 2:59. Holy crap this is bad. The moves are very slow and telegraphed. Burchill took control and beat on Brie. She locked in an arm bar/chin lock combo. Brie fought out and clotheslined Katie. Katie kicked Brie to the floor. Brie laid there and Nikki laid down beside her. They both got up and slipped into the ring. The ref threw Brie out and Nikki ducked a clothesline and rolled up Katie for the win. Katie was pissed post match as the sisters celebrated…The announce team hyped the main event…[C]

An R-Truth video played…Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler were shown. Cole actually said, “Time for the A show part of Superstars.” Will somebody please tell this miserable bastard the A team opened the show. The Raw Rebound played and recapped Seth Green’s tenure on Raw…

[Q4]Kofi Kingston made his ring entrance…[C]

3. The Big Show defeated Kofi Kingston at 5:39. Kingston hit a few kicks early, but Show overpowered him. Show worked his, “I’m bigger than you” offense on Kingston. Kingston got a few punches here and there. The announce team reminded us Kingston’s match for NOC hasn’t been made yet. Kingston took a chop over the rope back into the ring. Bet that felt good. Show continued to ragdoll Kingston. Show hit a sidewalk slam for two. He whipped Kingston to the corner and charged in. Kingston hit a pendulum kick and went on offense.

Kingston had Show in the corner. He climbed up for ten punches, but Show picked him up and dropped him on his face. Show went for the Camel Clutch. Kofi escaped and hit several kicks. He hit a low dropkick to finally send Show to the mat. Kofi hit his Boom Boom legdrop and tease Trouble in Paradise. Show just swatted the kick away and hit the chokeslam for the win. Show left the ring and walked up the ramp. He looked back from the ramp to end the show.

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