WWE Superstars TV Report – July 23rd, 2009

WWE Superstars Report – July 23rd, 2009
Report by Prowrestling.net, Chris Shore



[Q1]The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Josh Matthews and Matt Striker welcomed us to Superstars. They hyped Morrison/Kane as the main event…Christian made his ring entrance. The announce team hyped the ECW title match at NOC. Regal was out next…

1. Christian defeated William Regal 11:32. Collar and elbow tie up and Christian broke clean. Another tie led to a side headlock on Christian. Christian reversed and got whipped. The two men collided and Christian hit a snapmare and a knee to the back of the head. Christian spilled Regal to the floor but missed his plancha. Regal rolled him back in the ring and took control.

Christian fought out of a headlock but got whipped to the corner and clotheslined. Christian kicked out at two and hit Regal. He hopped to the second rope and hit a back elbow for two. He grabbed Regal in a front headlock and went to the top. Regal pushed Christian off and to the floor in a scary looking (but legit) spot. Christian got back in the ring and Regal continued his pounding. Christian tried to fight out, but Regal spilled him to the floor with a forearm. Christian recovered into the break…[C]

Back at 8:07, Regal had a full nelson locked in. A video showed Regal kicking Christian’s head against the post during the break. Christian hit a sunset flip, but Regal kneed his head for two. Regal went back to the full nelson. Christian again fought out and both men hit elbows on each other, sending Christian to the floor. Christian took control as he entered the ring and worked his offense. He hit a missile dropkick for two, but missed a diving headbut for a Regal near fall.

[Q2]Christian ducked a punch and teased the Kill Switch. Regal reversed into a “reverse, T-bone, exploder suplex” according to Striker, for two. Christian hit a kick and then a springboard sunset flip for the win. Post match, Christian celebrated up the ramp…The announce team hyped Bourne for next…[C]

Back from commercial, the Q show sent Evan Bourne to the ring as Michael Cole and Jerry “Kingly Mayor” Lawler took over commentary. Jamie Noble was already in the ring. Ouch…

2. Evan Bourne defeated Jamie Noble at 5:45. Bourne hit several quick dropkicks and strikes. He ran the ropes and Noble hit a clothesline to take control. Noble worked aggressive and locked in a front chin lock. Bourne escaped and hit a dropkick for two. He went to the apron and Noble sent him to the floor. HE rolled Bourne back in and covered for two. Noble locked in a Camel Clutch type move. Bourne fought out and hit a spinning heel kick for two.

Bourne hit several strikes followed by a flying head scissors. Bourne covered and Noble grabbed the ropes and went to the floor. Bourne jumped over the turnbuckle from the apron to hit a plancha on Noble. He rolled Noble in the ring and went to the top. Noble ran up the turnbuckle and hit a superplex for two. Bourne was on the apron and Noble was in the ring. They battled and Bourne hit a kick that knocked Noble down. He hit the AirBourne (shooting star press) for the win…The announce team hyped the main event…[C]

[Q3]Back from commercial, a Chris Jericho is awesome video played…Ringside, Cole and Lawler introed the Raw Rebound which was the main event drama…Back ringside, Todd Grisham and Jim Ross were on commentary in what looked like a dark arena. They ran down the NOC card…Kane made his ring entrance…[C]

Back from commercial, Cole hyped Shaq as the guest host of Raw this coming Monday…My baby daddy made his ring entrance…

3. John Morrison defeated Kane at 13:49 by disqualification. Morrison applied a quick headlock. Kane pushed him off and won the shoulder tackle challenge. Morrison hit several kicks and strikes. He ducked a big boot and hit an elbow. He went for a hurricanranna, but Kane stopped him and spilled him to the floor. Morrison landed on his feet and slid back in, hitting more strikes. He clotheslined Kane to the floor, but Kane caught a diving attempt and drove Morrison’s back into the apron.

[Q4]Back in the ring, Kane worked power. He hit a dropkick on a sitting Morrison for two and locked in a chin lock. Morrison stood up and got whipped to the corner. He elbowed a charging Kane and then hit his pommel horse kick. He ducked a clothesline and whirled it into a sunset flip. Kane picked him up for a two handed chokeslam, but Morrison reversed into a drop kick. He charged at Kane, but Kane tossed him over the top. Morrison recovered into the break…[C]

Back at 8:26, Kane had a rest hold locked in. A video showed a hard whip to the corner from Kane during the break. Kane broke the hold and worked strikes on Morrison for a near fall. He hit a high vertical suplex for two. Kane locked in a standing bear hug. Morrison fought out and charged at Kane. Kane lifted for a sidewalk slam, but Morrison twirled around to hit a DDT.

Morrison hit several low and high dropkicks for one. Morrison hit several blows, but Kane hit an uppercut and big boot for two. Kane whipped Morrison to the corner. Morrison slipped out and went to the top. He jumped off and Kane caught him for the chokeslam. Morrison backflipped out and hit the Chuck Kick for two. Kane reversed a whip into a sidewalk slam for two.

Kane went to the top, but Morrison hit a Pele kick to send Kane to the apron. He hit an elbow that sent Kane to the floor. Morrison did a slingshot over the top rope, but Kane threw a chair at him, causing the DQ. Kane rolled Morrison back in the ring and brought in a chair. Khali’s music hit and he and Mini-Me came to the ring. Morrison hit Kane with the chair and took off. Khali grabbed Kane’s feet and tried to pull him out of the ring. Kane escaped into the crowd. He and Khali stared off to end the show…

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