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WWE superstars unhappy owing to WWE keeping them in the dark regarding draft picks

Raw and SmackDown

The next WWE draft will be taking place on this week’s Monday Night RAW. WWE had already decided their picks beforehand, but this apparently has caused problems.

According to a report by Fightful Select, a few superstars were upset regarding WWE keeping them in the dark as to which brand they will be working for.

The company withheld information to the superstars throughout the week and they were unaware which brand they would be joining until their names were mentioned during the draft.

There were a couple [Superstars] who contacted us frustrated that WWE kayfabed them all week, but had actually known and leaked the order of draftees themselves ahead of time

We will get to know which superstars will be picked on RAW this week. We will update you regarding the draft picks.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Yeah, I suppose that’s a fair enough answer. I see your point there. This draft is technically different in that regard.

  • oppa

    Because this time, it’s going to Friday instead of Tuesday. Each draft is a pain for people since they have to change their schedule and life around. But this time is a bigger mess since it is a much bigger adjustment. It would be much better if they would have the class to tell people ahead of time that their entire work schedule will change so they can make necessary arrangements in their lives.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Why, though? WWE has literally done this with every draft in the company’s history.
    These people all knew that when they signed up. Like, how many of them were working for the company in 2002?